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Sesan Residents Searched Over Fears of ‘Terrorism’

Villagers living near the Lower Sesan II dam in Stung Treng province are being stopped and searched at a road checkpoint by officials fearing possible “terrorism” attacks on the controversial dam.

Deportation of Montagnards Stalled After UN Objection

The government has stalled its latest effort to deport a group of Vietnamese asylum-seekers at the behest of the U.N. refugee agency, an official said on Sunday, after stating last month that the 16 Montagnards would soon be expelled to Vietnam.

S Reap, K Chhnang Governors Re-Appointed

The governors of Siem Reap and Kompong Chhnang

Armed Military Police to Join Apsara Authority for Razing

Following threats from villagers, armed military and police forces will help secure a team that will forcibly raze hundreds of improperly constructed homes and shops within protected areas of Angkor Archaeological Park, an official said on Wednesday.

Gov’t Creates Joint Committee to Tackle Flooding

Municipal and national-level officials established a joint committee on Wednesday that will attempt to solve a problem many of Phnom Penh’s residents have long considered: why swaths of the city become flooded every rainy season.

Returning Sesan Families Warned of Greater Floods From Dam

Families in Stung Treng province that returned to a village near the Lower Sesan II dam after floodwaters temporarily receded are being warned they will be forced again to flee when a far worse deluge comes as all of the new dam’s gates are shut.

Apsara Sets Razing Deadline; Villagers to Protest

The government body charged with managing Angkor Archaeological Park has set an August 10 final deadline for the voluntary removal of homes and shops built illegally in protected zones of the park before they are forcibly razed.

Tbong Khmum Residents Evacuated as Mekong Floods Moves South

Hundreds of riverside families in Tbong Khmum province were on Monday evacuated away from the flooding Mekong River, even as the provinces hit hardest by tropical storm ‘Sonca’ last week returned to normalcy and evacuees shuffled back to their homes.

Villagers Find Temporary Shelter as Sesan Dam Floods Homes

Families in a Stung Treng province village who have defied government warnings that testing of the Lower Sesan II dam would inundate their homes fled to nearby hills over the weekend as floodwaters reached 1 meter in depth, a villager said yesterday.

Flooding, Water Shortage Expected After Regional Storms Disperse

Following days of severe weather that led officials to issue emergency warnings in more than five provinces and launch efforts to evacuate residents in the country’s coastal and northern regions, people living along the Mekong must now brace for flooding from water surging downstream, officials said on Sunday.

Authorities Ready for Tropical Storm ‘Sonca’ Flood Evacuations

Severe weather belted the country’s coastal and highland provinces with more rain on Thursday, giving way to torrential floods that damaged provincial roads and led government authorities in four provinces to begin evacuations or prepare emergency shelters.

Speedboats Deployed as Sesan Dam Begins Flooding One Village

Nearly two weeks after testing of the Lower Sesan II hydropower dam began, floodwaters have now crept into the first of a pair of Stung Treng province villages where families are refusing to abandon their homes.

Minorities Forced to Trek From Sesan Village

About 100 ethnic minority members were forced to trek 12 km on Wednesday out of a Stung Treng village on the verge of being flooded by a new hydroelectric dam after authorities blockaded a road.

Apsara Authority Approves 500 New Angkor Park Home Rebuilds

The Apsara Authority on Wednesday reported it had approved more than 500 home construction applications inside Angkor Archaeological Park in the first six months of the year, even as it prepared to raze hundreds of illegally constructed houses inside the sprawling complex.

UN Officials Blocked From Villages Facing Threat of Flood

Authorities on Tuesday turned back U.N. human rights monitors heading toward a village expected to sink underwater as a new hydroelectric dam tested its floodgates, officials said.

Evacuations Planned as Tropical Storm May Flood Preah Vihear

Authorities in Preah Vihear province are preparing to evacuate families living along the Stung Sen River as the eighth tropical storm to strike Southeast Asia this year will likely push the waterway over its edge.

Police Stop Activists From Reaching Sesan II Dam Village

Authorities in Stung Treng province on Sunday stopped a group of indigenous activists from reaching a village slated for imminent flooding by the Lower Sesan II hydropower dam but released them after escorting them to the provincial capital.

Government Denies Asylum Appeals of 16 Montagnards, Official Says

Sixteen more Montagnards will be sent back to Vietnam after the government rejected their appeals for asylum in Cambodia, an official said on Wednesday, leaving 33 in Phnom Penh still awaiting decisions on their own appeals for previously denied applications.

Vietnamese Log Trafficker, Driver Charged Over Fake License

After evading arrest for two months over charges of illegal timber trafficking, a Vietnamese woman—as well as her Cambodian driver—was nabbed while dining at an Oddar Meanchey guesthouse and charged on Tuesday for using a fake license plate to transport wood, according to officials.

Waters Rising in Sesan Dam Villages as Holdouts Sit Tight

Rescuers armed with speed boats and emergency supplies have been deployed to two Stung Treng province villages where residents remain despite expected flooding as the country’s largest hydropower dam undergoes testing.