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Amid Crackdown, Government Boasts of Reforms

The government has undertaken serious reforms on governance, human rights and the judiciary, Foreign Affairs Ministry Secretary of State Ouch Borith told representatives of the E.U. on Wednesday.

Government Approves 133-Story Skyscraper

The government has given final approval for a planned $3 billion, 133-story twin-tower skyscraper that developers claim will be completed by 2018, a spokesman for the Ministry of Land Management said on Monday.

Foreign Affairs

Failed by an underperforming university system at home, Cambodian students are finding adventure, perspective—and parties—abroad.

Cambodia to Host 2017 World Economic Forum

Phnom Penh has been selected to host the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia, the WEF confirmed on Wednesday.

Angkorian Astrological Ingenuity Revealed in New Paper

Angkor’s ancient architects took solar and lunar movements into account when designing its temples in order to mark the start of wet and dry seasons, according to a new paper by an Italian astroarchaeologist.

New Website Helps Fundraisers Bypass Traditional Donors

A new Cambodia-specific crowdfunding website aims to liberate filmmakers, charities and entrepreneurs from the frustrations of courting and satisfying large donors—but may have to rely on large donors itself to stay afloat.

Big Tobacco Shaped Smoking Laws, Policies

Since the mid-1990s, British American Tobacco aggressively sought to establish close connections with those at the highest levels of government in order to shape industry-friendly tobacco regulations, according to two foreign academics.

Transgender Cambodians at Higher Risk for HIV Infection

The rate of HIV infection among Cambodia’s transgender women is nearly six times higher than the national average, according to the results of a 2012 survey published in the online journal PLOS ONE this month.

Tourists Savor Quiet of Empty Capital Amid Heat

On Friday afternoon, as the temperature in Phnom Penh flirted with 42 degrees, 24-year-old Chilean students Mattias Carmona and Nicolas Orive set out on a lonely stroll to Aeon Mall.

In Phnom Penh, a Looming Sewage Crisis

As Phnom Penh's skyline grows and the lakes used to treat its wastewater shrink, more and more of the city's untreated sewage is likely to flow into rivers and waterways.

Cambodian Children Suffering Due to Early Sweet Tooth

A new study published this month based on a survey of 294 mothers in Phnom Penh shows that the city's babies and young children are getting hooked on processed food and drinks.

Iodine Levels Dangerously Low in Moms, Children

More than 60 percent of mothers and young children in Cambodia are suffering from dangerously low levels of iodine in what a new study describes as a “serious public health problem.”

New Mapping App Seeks to Relay Urban Woes to City Hall

A new mobile phone application launched yesterday aims to collect data on flooding, blackouts, traffic jams and other problems that plague Phnom Penh, then map its findings for use by citizens and City Hall.

Ancient Skull Points to Possible Cannibalism

A French-Cambodian archaeological team has unearthed tantalizing new artifacts from beneath a cave in Battambang province that may prove to be the earliest signs of human occupation and art in the region—and the first indication of cannibalism.

Cambodia Faltering on Road to Democracy, EU Cautions

The government’s suppression of human rights poses a serious threat to Cambodia’s democratic progress, visiting members of the European Parliament’s human rights subcommittee warned on Friday.

US Signs $35 Million Aid Package With Government

The U.S. pledged $35 million in development aid to Cambodia in the first part of a three-year, $137 million package announced on Wednesday at a ceremony attended by Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon and U.S. Ambassador William Heidt, according to a U.S. Embassy statement.

Amateur Motorsport Cup Promotes Road Safety

Phnom Penh’s hell-raising street racers will enjoy a structured outlet for their love of motorbikes at a new amateur racing cup on Koh Pich island this weekend, a competition also meant to promote compliance with the new traffic law.

Divers Recover Deadly Ordnance From Tonle Sap

A team of divers from the Cambodian Mine Action Center’s (CMAC) Salvage Dive Unit have recovered four artillery shells and a 500-pound aircraft bomb from the bed of the Tonle Sap River on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the organization announced on Wednesday.

Lost & Found

His mind was damaged by the Canadian government, but David Nixon's memories of Cambodia live on.

Dream Over

Only five years after it opened, a quirky amusement park has shut down.