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Andrew Klebanow: Cambodia’s casino industry is leveling up

Building a casino industry in a new market isn’t enough to ensure it thrives, it needs to have that luxurious touch to create a feeling of aspiration in the customer.

Cambodia’s Golden Crown Casino narrowly avoids bomb plot

A Cambodian casino narrowly escaped disaster after an alert gambler noticed something odd during his trip to the loo.

Cambodia’s casino industry is the land of opportunity

Cambodia’s casino industry, once nothing more than a footnote in the global casino space, has grown significantly in the past year.

Cambodia busting truly unlucky online gambling operations

Cambodian authorities busted one Chinese-led illegal online gambling operation just days after the company set up shop and another before it could get its computers out of their boxes.

Cambodia rescues two Chinese nationals from casino kidnappers

Cambodian authorities have arrested a number of Chinese nationals who allegedly kidnapped and tortured two of their countrymen who couldn’t pay their gambling debts.

Rhys Jones: Well-regulated Cambodia can rival Philippine iGaming industry

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Stephanie Tower, Rhys Jones, managing director of Hatien Vegas, talks about the current gaming landscape in Cambodia.