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Hundreds of Families Uprooted in Flooded Phnom Penh Outskirts

More than 230 families remained displaced from their homes last night in the flooded outskirts of Phnom Penh as water levels continued to rise amid collapsed dams and continuing rains.

Deadly Rabies Virus Gets Overdue Attention

It kills more Cambodians every year than malaria. More than dengue fever. It’s 100 percent preventable, but very little has been done to eradicate it.

Dam Bursts After Heavy Rains in Kompong Speu

Floodwaters inundated the homes of more than 1,300 families in Kompong Speu province when an earthen dam holding back a reservoir broke open on Sunday night, though only a few households were being advised to leave, officials said.

Man Hacked to Death in Prey Veng Rice Field

Police say they are searching for the killer of a 46-year-old man whose body was found by neighbors next to a rice field in Prey Veng province on Saturday with a series of deep gashes on his head and face.

Teen Girl Found Dead in Forest in Rape, Murder Case

The body of a missing 17-year-old girl was found naked in a forest in Siem Reap province on Sunday morning in what police suspect is a case of rape and murder.

Nephew Confesses to Murder of Snail-Farming Couple

A 28-year-old relative has confessed to drowning a pair of snail farmers in Prey Veng province in revenge for being compared to a dog and being called “cheap,” officials said on Tuesday.

Snail-Farming Couple Fatally Stabbed in Rice Field

A couple’s severely stabbed bodies were found in a Prey Veng province rice field on Sunday in a murder that authorities have blamed on a dispute over their modest snail-harvesting business.

Shattered Statue Leaves Local Fears Of Bad Luck

The marble statue of a spirit believed to watch over Mondolkiri province was smashed to pieces by a man believed to be mentally unstable, drawing fear among locals that bad luck would descend on the area, according to officials.

Stepfather Accosted, Raped, Threatened to Kill Daughter

A stepfather was arrested in Koh Kong province on Wednesday after neighbors reported seeing him violently stripping off his 10-year-old daughter’s clothes in their home, officials said, adding that the girl later told police he had repeatedly raped her.

Translator Stabs Wife to Death, Then Attempts Suicide

A 69-year-old Chinese-Cambodian translator has confessed to stabbing his wife to death at their Battambang province home before attempting to kill himself, officials said.

Mondolkiri Teen Confesses to Murder of Sister-In-Law

The brother-in-law of a Cambodian woman whose body was found by police officers patrolling along the Vietnamese border on Sunday has confessed to her murder, officials said on Tuesday.

Teenager Admits Stoning, Sexually Assaulting Child

A 16-year-old boy who knocked a 6-year-old girl unconscious with a stone before dragging her into the bushes and sexually assaulting her in Kompong Speu province claimed he attacked the child out of revenge, police said.

Police Find Woman’s Body Near Vietnamese Border

Police say they are investigating the suspected murder of a 30-year-old Cambodian woman whose body was found on Sunday by officers on patrol along the Vietnamese border in Mondolkiri province.

Spirits High, But Buffalo Numbers Waning, at Annual Races

WAT VIHEAR SOUR, Kandal province - Moan Som has been coming to the Pchum Ben buffalo races here for as long as she can remember, but the 59-year-old hasn’t lost her excitement for the beasts at the center of the show.

Cambodian Zika Fears Prompt US Travel Warning

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a travel notice on Thursday advising pregnant women to consider putting off travel to Cambodia because of possible complications from the Zika virus, though it has been six years since an infection was reported in the country.

Two Men Arrested for Rapes of Female Relatives

Police have arrested a stepfather in the alleged rape of his 12-year-old stepdaughter in Banteay Meanchey province, while a grandfather in Kompong Cham province has been accused of raping his 13-year-old granddaughter.

Thailand Plays Catch and Release With Fishermen

Immigration authorities in Thailand on Monday released approximately 50 Cambodians who crossed into Thai waters while following a school of fish late Sunday afternoon.

Three Nabbed in Raid as Drug Arrests Climb

Nearly half a kilogram of illicit drugs was seized in Koh Kong province on Sunday leading to three arrests, the latest amid a 54 percent nationwide spike in drug-related arrests over a recent eight-month period.

Worker Crushed to Death At Sihanoukville Port

A 36-year-old stevedore was killed while unloading cargo at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port on Saturday, officials said.

‘Failed’ Electoral System Ranked Asia’s Worst

An updated study that categorizes countries based on the fairness of their elections has placed Cambodia’s “failed” 2013 poll firmly in its bottom tier, ranking it the worst in the Asia-Pacific region and among the bottom 10 in the world.