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Police Kill 5 During Clash With Demonstrators

Five people were shot dead and more than 20 injured, most suffering gunshot wounds, when military police officers opened fire with AK-47 assault rifles during clashes with protesters armed with stones, sticks and crude Molotov cocktails on Veng Sreng Street in the heart of the garment factory zone in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district on Friday.

Rights Worker Claims Five Dead in Clashes

At least five people are dead after police opened fire on hundreds of protesters blocking a street at Canadia Industrial Park in Phnom Penh's Pur Senchey district, a human rights worker said Friday afternoon.

Violent Mob, Police Attack Peaceful Protesters

Riot police and groups of men in plain clothes armed with sticks, Tasers and slingshots violently attacked a group of anti-eviction protesters conducting a hunger strike at Wat Phnom late last night, injuring several people.

Military Police End Prince Thomico’s Wat Phnom Hunger Strike

A force of several hundred military police officers in riot gear ejected Prince Sisowath Thomico from Wat Phnom late Friday night, where he was conducting a hunger strike. “We were forcefully expelled,” Prince Thomico said later by telephone. “Some monks who were with us were mistreated and insulted, but no one was injured.”

Mystery Surrounds Ratanakkiri’s First Special Economic Zone

Construction of a special economic zone near the Vietnamese border in Ratanakkiri province’s eastern O’Yad­aw district is on track, but who exactly will avail of the facility and its services remains a mystery—even for senior provincial officials.

Despite Land Loss, Minorities Back Status Quo

Although ethnic minorities in Ratanakkiri province are under threat from private concessionnaires turning the area into a huge agro-industry hub, most will counterintuitively vote for the ruling CPP in this month's national election.

Ethnic Jarai Community Stands its Ground

O'Yadaw district, Ratanakkiri province – In the beginning, the Jarai lived as one in the forested foothills on at the southern tip of the...

Burma: A Changing Landscape

SHAN STATE, Burma - Bordeaux and the Loire Valley are not what one immediately associates with the Shan highlands of eastern Burma. Yet in...

In the Foxhole, Everyone Is Superstitious

At Preah Vihear, a legion of charms, rituals and symbols serve to comfort soldiers on the front line preah vihear temple - Back in April,...

In the Foxhole, Everyone Is Suspicious

Preah Vihear temple - Back in April, shortly after the brief battle between Thai and Cambodian forces, one of the more unusual operations associated...

Preah Vihear Wives Bring the Home Front to the Front Line

preah vihear temple - A blast of color cut through the swathes of camouflage uniforms around the heavily militarized Preah Vihear temple last weekend...

An Uneasy Peace Returns to Preah Vihear; Tensions Remain

preah vihear temple - Signs of the intensity of Friday’s fighting at Preah Vihear temple between Thai and Cambodian troops are everywhere, from the...

Hun Sen Moves To Ease Fears Over Preah Vihear Conflict

preah vihear temple - Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday downplayed talk of war with Thailand and urged Cambodian citizens to not worry about...

At Thai Border, Few Expect Peace To Hold

preah vihear temple - Standing in a small mountain of spent shells as he oiled his heavy machine gun near the first temple in...

Thailand-Cambodia Border Quiet But Tense After Negotiations

preah vihear temple - A tense calm hung over Preah Vihear temple Thursday as RCAF commander of operations Srey Dek held more than four...

The Battle of Wills for Preah Vihear

Preah vihear temple - He had a sword. The meter-long blade hung in a tan leather scabbard from the trouser belt of a shirtless...

Thai Troops Keep Increasing Despite Promises

preah vihear temple - Thai troop strength continued to build in the vicinity of Preah Vihear temple Thurs­day despite a promise from a Thai...

RCAF Troops Entertained Amid Possibility of Deadly Conflict

preah vihear temple - While Thai forces for the first time began to dig combat trenches at their locations in the forest around Preah...

Civilians ‘Concerned’ but Stoic Amid Standoff

By Yun Sameanpreah vihear temple - Eight-year-old Ol Srey Mao already knows what to do if fighting starts—run for the temple. The large stone...

Tea Banh Predicts Long Standoff

preah vihear temple - Cambodian troops should expect a prolonged standoff with Thai troops at the Preah Vihear mountain pagoda and the contested valley...

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Hun Sen Raises Spectre of Assassination Attempt in Warning Over Threat...

According to Hun Sen, in September 1998 while traveling to Siem Reap his car was targeted by an attacker with a B40 rocket-propelled grenade.

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