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Khmerry Christmas

Embracing Western traditions, minus the reason for the festive season.

Cambodian Scholar Becomes Country’s First ‘Sanskritist’

Chhom Kunthea became Cambodia’s first “Sanskritist” on Friday after receiving a doctorate for her research on the impact the ancient Indian language—now used almost exclusively by Hindu priests during religious ceremonies—on the Khmer language.

Showing Strength

A photography exhibit shows Cambodians’ capacity to persevere.

NGO Highlights Three Top Government Reforms of 2016

Claiming the public knows little about successful reforms being made by government ministries, an international nonprofit released a study on Friday lauding the top three governmental efforts of this year.

Guppy Fish Making a Splash in Dengue Fever Prevention

Guppy fish—a colorful species just 3 to 4 centimeters in length—are being heralded as a potential way of preventing dengue fever outbreaks in Cambodia.

Environmental Activism Captured at Angkor Photo Festival

When Kim Hak began photographing Cambodian landscapes in 2012, he was driven by the desire to prove that his country was more than just a Unesco World Heritage hotspot and a land once ruled by Pol Pot.

Young Men Experiment With Film to Fight Sexual Harassment

Sitting at a cluttered desk in a dark corner, a scientist pours brightly colored liquid from one vial to another. Scratching his head, he adds another ingredient, but his experiment is fruitless: He still hasn’t figured out the formula for ending sexual harassment.

Sihanouk Hospital Center Celebrates 20 Years in Phnom Penh

At Monday’s 20th anniversary ceremony, attended by about 200 staff members and guests, King Norodom Sihamoni praised the work of the institution named after his late father, King Norodom Sihanouk.

Crew Tells of Four Years at Pirates’ Mercy

It was about 1 a.m. when the pirates stormed the ship. First they killed the Taiwanese captain and tied up the crew. Then came the demands: millions of U.S. dollars in exchange for the lives of the captives—most of whom were from impoverished families and developing countries.

Somali Pirates Release 4 Cambodian Hostages

Four Cambodians were among 26 members of a hostage boat crew released in Somalia on Saturday, according to organizations involved, which described the group as “the last remaining seafarers taken hostage during the height of Somali piracy.”

Government Pledges to Reduce Environmental Hazards

Cambodia signed a regional pact over the weekend to step up efforts to mitigate environmental hazards that affect public health, including marine and air pollution, according to a statement released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Christian des Pallieres, Founder of Child NGO, Dies at 82

Christian des Pallieres, who together with his wife co-founded Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE), an organization that supports thousands of Cambodia’s destitute children, died on Saturday night, friends said on Sunday.

New Hotline Aims to Fight Growing Online Child Sex Abuse

An internet hotline aimed at combating online child sexual exploitation and abuse, which experts say are on the rise in Cambodia, was officially launched on Wednesday at an event in Phnom Penh—almost a year after it first went live.

Women’s Work

In Cambodia’s swelling construction workforce, women fall to the bottom of the heap.

As Garment Factories Close, Motives Debated

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia attributes the recent closure of some 70 factories to high wages, but unions blame owners who have shirked their responsibilities to workers.

Project Expands Mental Health Treatment for Khmer Rouge Victims

A mental health initiative that aims to treat Cambodians traumatized by the Khmer Rouge has received $900,000 in funding from the U.S. government and will seek to expand its work to 15 provinces.

US Man Gets 70 Years for Sex Crimes in Cambodia

Ronald Boyajian, a 55-year-old American man convicted in March of repeatedly visiting Cambodia to sexually abuse young girls, was on Monday sentenced to 70 years in a U.S. federal prison in a case hailed as a success of Washington’s “Operation Twisted Traveler” initiative.

Risqué Business

On a street lined with girlie bars, Phnom Penh’s first Hooters stands apart in orange hot pants.

Demining ‘Hero’ Rats Clear First Minefield

Mine-detecting “hero rats” have for the first time helped clear a minefield in Cambodia, Belgian NGO Apopo announced on Saturday, more than two years after they began testing in the country.

Tuk-Tuks Take to the Streets for Gay Pride

About 100 people in rainbow-flag-draped tuk-tuks and eclectic outfits will descend on Phnom Penh on Saturday afternoon for the third “Amazingly Fabulous Pride Tuk-Tuk Race,” a show of support for Cambodia’s LGBT community.