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In Questioning of Becker, Nuon Chea’s False History Prevails

On Wednesday, Nuon Chea emerged from his holding cell, as Marie Guiraud underlined, not to express his sympathy and apologies for the suffering victims of the barbarous policies he defined, but to lead the court to endorse the quite inaccurate fact that the U.S. government was a major architect of atrocities inflicted on the Cambodian people throughout the early 1970s.

Scope of KRT Case 002/2 Contains Fundamental Shortcomings

On April 4, the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s Trial Chamber defined the scope of the trial in the next phase of the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s Case 002/2. Although I was relieved this decision was finally made, I was also somewhat disappointed by the selection of “alleged crime sites and factual allegations” chosen from among sites and policies identified in the closing order.