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Judge Rebukes Defense Lawyers at KR Tribunal

A defense lawyer for former Democratic Kampuchea leader Nuon Chea was on Wednesday reprimanded by the head judge at the Khmer Rouge tribunal after accusing an international judge of “playing a role of a prosecutor” while questioning an alleged former Tram Kak district chief on Tuesday.

Official Summoned Over Gross Misspending

The National Assembly’s banking and finance commission has called parliament’s chief administrator for questioning on Tuesday over alleged spending irregularities in a 2015 budget that included buying 30 new cars at $200,000 each and spending $25,000 on a flagpole.

Former Khmer Rouge Officials Meet New Charges With Defiance

Former Khmer Rouge navy chief Meas Muth and district commander Im Chaem on Wednesday remained defiant after the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia announced Tuesday they had been charged with crimes against humanity.

KR Tribunal Charges Navy Commander, District Chief

Despite bitter government opposition to pursuing cases against mid-ranking Khmer Rouge officials, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia on Tuesday laid charges in absentia against former regime navy chief Meas Muth and former district commander Im Chaem.

KR Tribunal Charges Two More Cadre

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia on Tuesday afternoon charged former Khmer Rouge navy chief Meas Muth and former district commander Im Chaem—accused in Case 003 and Case 004, respectively—with crimes against humanity.

Migration Body Acknowledges Concerns Over Refugee Resettlement

The International Organization for Migration on Wednesday acknowledged concerns over its plan to help resettle Australia’s refugees currently being held on the South Pacific island nation of Nauru in Cambodia, while Cambodian officials would not say whether the government had agreed to conditions set out by the global migration body.

Soldier Accused of Rape, Murder Testifies at Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The Khmer Rouge tribunal on Thursday heard the testimony of a former regime soldier who “heard the screams” of prisoners being tortured while he was working as a typist at the notorious Kraing Ta Chan security center—and is also alleged to have carried out torture himself.

At Tribunal, Farmer Recalls Disappearances

A rice farmer from Takeo province on Wednesday described to the Khmer Rouge tribunal how his elder brother—a former Lon Nol soldier—disappeared after being taken away for “re-education,” a common method of eliminating perceived threats to the regime.

Educator Shortlisted in World’s Best Teacher Contest

A Cambodian woman who teaches blind children has been shortlisted as one of 10 finalists in a $1 million competition to find the world’s best teacher.

Tribunal Hears Vietnam Returnee Recount Abuse by Khmer Rouge

A rice farmer who fled to Vietnam just before Pol Pot’s forces took power in 1975 described to the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Thursday the shock he and other refugees felt when they returned to live in Democratic Kampuchea, where they were abused and labeled “puppets of the Yuon.”

Nuon Chea Breaks Silence to Question Journalist

Forty years after Elizabeth Becker was granted an audience with murderous Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot during the secretive Democratic Kampuchea regime, the American journalist on Wednesday faced questions from his second-in-command.

Women Turn to Mobile Apps to End Violence

Phat Sreytouch, a former beer promoter, recalls being the constant subject of harassment from the men she served in beer gardens, many who felt they were within their rights to touch her and her colleagues.

New Effort to Get Thousands of Children Into Classrooms

More than 57,000 primary school-aged children across the country are currently missing out on an education, according to the Cambodian Consortium for Out of School Children, a new group set up to implement a major push to get young Cambodians into the classroom.

Deputy Co-Prosecutor at KR Tribunal Is Recipient of Order of Australia

Bill Smith, an international deputy co-prosecutor at the Khmer Rouge tribunal, was named in the 2015 Australia Day honors list—released by Australian Governor-General Peter Cosgrove—as a recipient of the Order of Australia for “significant service to the law particularly through international justice tribunals and human rights organisations.”

Aging KR Leaders Still Fit to Stand Trial, Doctors Say

Former Khmer Rouge leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan are fit to continue standing trial in the second phase of the case against them, according to expert evidence from two doctors submitted to the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s Trial Chamber on Friday.

KR Survivor Recounts Experience at Tram Kak

While living under Pol Pot, writing in a secret diary was the only way to “let out the suffering and sorrow I felt inside,” regime survivor Oum Sophany told the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Friday.

Prosecution Wants Thet Sambath to Testify at Tribunal

Prosecutors at the Khmer Rouge tribunal have requested that the Trial Chamber call documentary filmmaker Thet Sambath as a priority witness in Case 002/02 “as soon as possible.”

US Mayor Wants Government to Release Activists

The mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts—which has the second-largest population of Cambodian-Americans in the U.S.—on Friday visited 10 anti-eviction activists inside Phnom Penh’s Prey Sar prison, emerging to announce that he would lobby the government for their release.

German Ambassador Slams Hitler Remarks

Germany’s ambassador to Cambodia on Friday slammed National Military Police Commander Sao So­kha for holding up the tactics of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler as an example of how to maintain social order, saying that “nobody in his right mind would ever want to refer to Hitler as a role model.”

New Species Discovered in Cardamom Mountains

A legless amphibian never before recorded by scientists has been discovered in the Cardamom Mountains, according to an international conservation NGO that helped to uncover the unusual creature.