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Research Uncovers Clues to Burial Jar Mystery

On a series of rock ledges situated high in the Cardamom Mountains sit collections of earthenware jars containing human remains, the only known link to an enigmatic ancient culture that has long intrigued archaeologists.

Officials Hand Donations to Somaly Mam’s NGO

As disgraced anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam steps up efforts to attract international funding for her flailing NGO Afesip, she continues to have prominent supporters in the Cambodian government—including the prime minister.

Third Round of Tests Confirm HIV Outbreak

A third round of testing at the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh has confirmed that about 90 people from Roka commune in Bat­tambang province are, in fact, infected with HIV, a day after Prime Minis­ter Hun Sen said he did not believe the outbreak was actually AIDS.

Khieu Samphan’s Defense Team Referred to Bars Over Boycott

Judges at the Khmer Rouge tribunal have referred Khieu Sam­phan’s defense team to their respective bar associations for “unethical or unprofessional” behavior, making good on an earlier threat to report the lawyers over a protracted boycott of proceedings which the trial chamber says amounts to misconduct.

Double Mango Harvest Draws Overseas Interest

Australian researchers have just wrapped up a field visit of a different kind to Battambang, Kompong Speu and Kandal provinces, where they spent nearly two weeks studying techniques used by Cambodian mango farmers.

Garment Factories Commit to Boost Vigilance on Child Labor

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia will on Thursday sign an agreement to work with the International Labor Organization’s Better Factories Cambodia program to stamp out the use of child labor in the garment sector, the organizations announced Tuesday.

In Urban Poor Settlements, Children Suffer Most

As money has flooded into Phnom Penh in the past few years, so have legions of rural poor who take up low-paying jobs servicing the needs of the wealthy.

WWF to Boycott Don Sahong Dam Meeting in Laos

The World Wildlife Fund on Thursday said it would boycott a regional public consultation today over Laos’ controversial Don Sahong hydropower dam, accusing those behind the project of ignoring the potentially devastating impact it could have on Cambodia’s communities, fisheries and endangered Irrawaddy dolphins.

Strategy Meetings Held Over Anti-Trafficking NGO’s Revival

After months of negative publicity surrounding its disgraced founder Somaly Mam, anti-trafficking NGO Afesip has taken the first tangible steps to resurrect itself, with a handful of remaining international donors traveling to Cambodia over the past week for “future strategy meetings.”

Report Highlights Lack of Safety Standards in Garment Industry

A new report on the risk of accidents in garment factories highlights the inadequacy of regulations intended to prevent fires, along with a complete lack of building standards and a failure by authorities to conduct thorough inspections.

For Phnom Penh’s Elephant, One Final Journey

After a four-day journey across the country—and more than 30 years working on the capital’s streets—Phnom Penh’s former resident elephant finally returned to the jungle this week, arriving at her new home in Mondolkiri on Wednesday.

Prosecution Appeals to KR Tribunal to Widen Scope

Prosecutors at the Khmer Rouge tribunal have filed an appeal against the trial chamber’s refusal to consider Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan’s responsibility for crimes that regime leaders did not directly order or oversee.

Two Detained Outside National Assembly During Protest

A volunteer from housing-rights NGO Sahmakum Teang Tnaut and a tuk-tuk driver were detained by district security guards Friday morning during a protest outside the National Assembly calling for the release of 19 recently arrested activists, monks and opposition figures.

Laws of Chance Decide Fate of Judicial Hopefuls

Rin Phirun, 32, was one of 55 graduate students at the Royal Academy for Judicial Professions to take part in the life-changing lottery, where he plucked out a paper emblazoned with the word “Judge.”

Calls for Swift Introduction of Whistle-Blower Protection Law

A government plan to introduce long-awaited legislation that will protect whistle-blowers in corruption cases was on Thursday lauded by members of the opposition CNRP and civil society, who expressed hope that the law would come into force swiftly.

Samphan’s Boycott Forces Tribunal’s Adjournment

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has capitulated to a sustained boycott of Khieu Samphan’s genocide trial by his defense team, adjourning proceedings until next year so the lawyers can prepare an appeal against his recent conviction for crimes against humanity.

Refugees in Cambodia Face Dire Situation, Report Says

Abuse, discrimination and extortion await refugees who are sent to Cambodia from Nauru under a $35 million deal signed by Interior Minister Sar Kheng in September to take Australia’s asylum seekers, according to an investigation by Human Rights Watch.

After New Wage, Dissent Over Take Home Pay

Following months of fraught negotiations that led to the Labor Ministry setting the minimum wage in the garment sector at $128 last week, debate has begun over just how much garment workers will have in their pockets at the end of each month as a result of the increase.

Police Hunt for Brother, Sister Accused in Acid Attack

Two people suspected of dousing a woman with acid as she fed her toddler daughter at Tonlab market in Takeo province’s Kiri Vong district on Wednesday are on the run, according to police.

Mother, Toddler Injured in Acid Attack

A cosmetics seller at a market in Takeo province suffered serious burns Wednesday after another vendor doused her with acid, an attack that also left the woman’s 2-year-old daughter with minor injuries.