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City Hall Brings in Security Guards to Collect Trash

District security guards, often used to break up demonstrations and beat protesters, were mobilized Tuesday to help clean up the city as hundreds of Phnom Penh’s trash collectors continued their strike over pay and working conditions.

Cintri Drivers Strike for Second Time This Year

Phnom Penh’s trash collectors have again gone on strike over salaries and conditions in a move that could see them stop clearing the city’s streets of garbage for an extended period for the second time this year.

Disability Initiatives Launched as Jobs Quota Not Met

For Cambodians with disabilities, the launch of two major initiatives in the past two days designed to improve their lives has brought some optimism about the future—tempered by a note of caution.

ILO Says Shaming Factories Leading to Improved Standards

Naming and shaming factories that fail to ensure a basic standard of conditions for their workers is starting to improve standards in the crucial garment sector, according to the International Labor Organization, but persistent offenders remain.

Hunting Hinders Scheme to Use Frogs as Pesticide

Nhem Sovannary, a farmer in Takeo province, says she knows the benefits of allowing frogs to live in her rice paddies—the amphibians act as a natural pesticide.

Cyclo Drivers Struggle as Demand Dwindles

No longer able to compete with Cambodia’s love of cars and motorcycles, the few hundred cyclo drivers still eking out an existence now rely almost solely on tourist dollars.

Wedded Bliss

A young Cambodian couple gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, hands entwined. She is glowing in a Western-style cream bridal gown. He looks smart in a slim-fitting tailored suit.

Life-Saving Diabetes Program in Limbo as State Funds Fall Through

Every week, dozens of diabetics gather at a home in the Boeng Kak lake neighborhood to have their weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure checked.

Slow Start for $42M Vietnamese-Backed Hospital

Opened six months ago to give seriously ill patients an alternative to traveling abroad for treatment, the Vietnamese-backed Cho Ray Phnom Penh Hospital has gotten off to something of a slow start.

Domestic Workers March on Ministry

Working grueling hours, denied medical treatment and paid a pittance—former domestic worker Ham Savath’s claims sound very much like the now-infamous tales of abuse endured by Cambodian domestic workers in Malaysia.

NGOs Begin to Stop the Rot of Cambodian Teeth

Every day for weeks on end, 6-year-old Srey Nuch was tormented by severe pain caused by several of her teeth rotting away. Her mother, Lay Vicheka, despaired when she heard her daughter’s cries, knowing the family was far too poor to pay a dentist to fix the problem.

Preserving an Ancient Pottery Tradition, With a Modern Twist

Once common in Phnom Penh, trucks and oxcarts laden with terracotta pots are becoming an increasingly rare sight. Villagers in Kompong Chhnang province—the heartland of Cambodia’s pottery-making tradition—have for generations created earthenware for sale across the country.