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John Pedler: Veteran of a golden era of British diplomacy and commissioner-general of Southeast...

A keen writer, his postings took him from Paris to Phnom Phen where he picked up experiences for a string of spy novels.

Woolly mammoth DNA found in illegal ivory samples seized in Cambodia

Surprising discovery part of a wider project to track elephant poaching.

Cambodia election: Spoilt ballot papers seen as protest as opponents condemn Hun Sen’s ‘sham’...

Almost 600,000 - or 8.4 per cent - of the votes cast were invalid or spoiled, according to figures from the National Election Committee

A Cambodian Spring review: remarkable story about a community trying to save itself from...

Director Chris Kelly took nine years to complete this remarkable film about land-rights protests and political skullduggery in Cambodia. The subject matter may seem of marginal interest for a western audience but the documentary works not just as investigative journalism but also as a universal story about a community trying to save itself from destruction.

‘Silent waterworld’: Cambodian village submerged by floodwater from Chinese-built dam

Farms, temple, ancestral graves and fishing grounds all destroyed as families forced to flee homes.