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Vietnamese missionary a father figure for abandoned children in Cambodia

Brother Tung wants his orphanage to be a model showing how Cambodians and ethnic Vietnamese people can peacefully coexist.

Of justice and genocide

Finding justice for the "crime of crimes" is an arduous and fickle affair. Genocide inevitably reaches from the corridors of power, where vested interests will do their best to mitigate culpability, to the traumatized lowest rungs of society.

Lives in pictures are saved as buried treasures

A new book illustrates the risk one Cambodian family took to keep valued photographs out of the Khmer Rouge's clutches.

Cambodia’s job skills mismatch muddle

Some university graduates pump petrol or deliver parcels while others leave to work abroad.

Ex-Khmer Rouge leader in Cambodia embraces Christianity

Like some other elderly cadres, 76-year-old grandmother seeks solace in God's forgiveness but refuses to repent for past crimes.

The Meddling Kingdom’s threat to democracy

Spying on voters is an important tool of Beijing's foreign policy as elections loom across the region.

Facebook rants spell danger in Cambodia

Strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen has weaponized social media to target critics through vague incitement laws.

Dark clouds gather over Cambodia’s garment industry

Bonus dispute and looming loss of EU trade preferences increase worries for 700,000 workers.

A Chinese takeaway in Cambodia

The scale of Beijing's investment onslaught is leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Jesuit center gives new future to Cambodia’s disabled

Banteay Prieb training center offers a fresh start to people who face discrimination and isolation.

No choice in Battambang: Cambodians have to migrate

Families are torn apart as more Cambodians seek better-paying jobs across the border in Thailand.