Sunday, February 24, 2019
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After three years in a foreign prison, a Cambodian political activist wonders how he...

If Cambodian government officials thought Meach Sovannara would stay quiet after they threw him in prison, they were wrong.

Long Beach resident held political prisoner in Cambodia is released

A Long Beach man who had been jailed in Cambodia for years after what many considered a sham court proceeding has been released from a notorious foreign prison.

Cambodia’s banned opposition party calls for boycott of ‘sham’ election

There may be 20 political parties competing in Cambodia’s general elections Sunday, but for opposition supporters such as Sin Chan Pov Rozeth, there really is no choice at all.

Joy, heartbreak and psychedelic surf rock power a fierce, funny ‘Cambodian Rock Band’

Psychedelic surf rock is not something Westerners generally associate with Cambodia. If we think about Cambodia at all, we might recall the murderous tyrant Pol Pot, who led the Khmer Rouge in executing more than a million Cambodians in the infamous Killing Fields in the mid-1970s.

‘Cambodian Rock Band’ looks at a brutal piece of history through music in its...

Eight years ago, one of playwright Lauren Yee's friends took her to see indie-rock band Dengue Fever.