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The amazing 3,300ft-long bamboo bridge containing 50,000 sticks that is taken down and REBUILT...

This is the incredible 3,300 foot bamboo bridge in Cambodia that is taken down and rebuilt every single year.

Kindness defeats the Killing Fields: Falling in love with Cambodia and its determination to...

Actor Nigel Planer took a river cruise down the Mekong river through Cambodia

Holy cow! Cops catch British fugitive after 12 years on the run when dispute...

A British fugitive was seen laughing as police arrested him in Cambodia after discovering a cannabis factory in his back garden - and he was only caught because of a disagreement over a cow.

Married British teacher is convicted of sexually abusing a five-year-old girl at a private...

A British teacher has received a suspended sentence for sexually abusing a five-year-old girl from the school he worked at in Cambodia.

Two retired British businessmen are charged with molesting teenage boys after luring them to...

Two retired British businessmen are charged with molesting teenage boys after luring them to play in swimming pool at their house in Cambodia.

British teacher suffers horrifying wounds when she is attacked by a BUFFALO in Cambodia...

This is the moment a British teacher was left with blood gushing from her legs after being viciously attacked by a rampaging buffalo.

Chaotic Cambodia? It’s an utterly serene and seductive country that hardly ever changes

Magical, hazy dusks; roadside stalls selling old Pepsi bottles full of petrol; rattan baskets full of edible insects; sublime ancient jungle temples. Some sights never change in Cambodia, a beautiful, seductive country that sways between chaos and serenity.

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PM Hun Sen’s UN Summit Trip to Be Met With Protest

An estimated 300 to 500 protestors are expected to travel to New York from other states in the US to join the protest, according to an organizer.

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