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New Evidence Shown for UK Businessman

Gregg Fryett, a British entrepreneur jailed on charges of forgery and illegal land clearing, on Wednesday lodged new evidence with the court that his legal team says shows that the initial complaint against him was unlawful and that a government official is guilty of one of the crimes he is charged with committing.

Bavet Factories Shuttered as Unrest Continues

More than 30,000 workers were evacuated from two special economic zones in Bavet City on Tuesday morning after police clashed with an unruly mob attempting to incite workers to join their call for higher wages.

58 Workers Arrested, Freed Over Protests At Bavet SEZs

Fifty-eight protesting workers from the Tai Seng special economic zone in Bavet City were arrested on Monday morning and released in the evening after agreeing not to use violence or damage property in the future, authorities said, the latest development in a bout of unrest that began last week.

Claims of Abuse, Cover-Up at Famed Arts NGO

A French national and longtime employee of the NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang province is in a French prison awaiting trial on child sex charges for alleged crimes committed in Cambodia, according to a family member and a child protection group.

Ministry Riled Over Refugee Deal Money

Australia has so far disbursed more than $3.5 million in aid to Cambodia as part of the agreement for its unwanted refugees to be resettled here, but the Interior Ministry’s spokesman is livid that the money has come into the country via development agencies rather than going directly to the government.

Deal Ends Moratorium on Maids to Malaysia

Four years after Prime Minister Hun Sen personally outlawed the practice of Cambodian women traveling to Malaysia to work as domestic servants, the two countries have agreed to restart the maid trade, according to a statement released by the Labor Ministry on Thursday.

Australian Suspect Deported to Thailand Over Murder

An Australian underworld figure arrested in Phnom Penh on Thursday has been deported to Thailand, where he is wanted in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a former member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, an immigration official said on Monday.

Interior Ministry Names 22 New Spokespeople, No Contact Details

The job of spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, long held by General Khieu Sopheak, has been split up and given to 22 different ministry officials, according to a statement released Friday, though contact details for the new point people have not been published.

Kep Gets Fisheries Office, Waiting on Patrol Boat

The provincial governor on Thursday called for an end to the illegal fishing that plagues the ocean here, but officials charged with carrying out the order explained how difficult it would be to uproot en-trenched fishing communities—especially given that they don’t have a boat.

Website Names Hidden Hands Behind the News

Cambodians generally accept media reports as fact and, despite a surging reliance on the Internet for news, many are still getting information from traditional media outlets aligned with the ruling CPP, according to new research conducted by two freedom-of-information organizations.

Banana, Lotus Leaves Touted as Plastic Bag Replacements

The future of disposable packaging is banana leaves, according to the government and Unesco, which on Friday launched a campaign to “Make My Country Plastic Bag Free.”

Cambodia Most Dangerous Place for Environmental Reporters: Report

Cambodia is the single most dangerous place in the world to work as an environmental journalist, according to a new report released by the Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders this week.

Nestlé Finds Supply Chain Poisoned by Abuse of Migrants

Cambodian fishermen trafficked into Thailand are working as virtual slaves, isolated from the outside world on boats and in fish processing centers that supply Nestlé, according to a new report commissioned by the global food giant.

Biofuel Case Stalls Again; British Defendant Claims Extortion

The trial of a British entrepreneur accused of fraud was delayed again at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Wednesday, while the defendant alleged he received an offer to buy his freedom for $1 million.

Last Borei Keila Residents Mull City’s Final Offer

Thirteen long years after the Phanimex Development company signed a deal to develop a heavily populated slice of land in central Phnom Penh, the remaining members of a community displaced by the project were offered compensation on Friday, but appear set to re­ject the offers and stand their ground.

Firm Gives Ratana­kkiri Minorities Cash for Ceremony

Representatives of 14 ethnic mi­nority communities in Ratana­kkiri province on Friday accepted $1,700 each from Vietnamese rubber company Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) to buy a buffalo and hold a ceremony to appease the spirits that had been disturbed by the firm’s plantations.

Fisheries Administration Requests Kep Office

The Agriculture Ministry’s Fisheries Administration is hoping to increase its presence along the coast by opening a new office in Kep province, where illegal fishing by local and foreign vessels has vastly depleted fish stocks and destroyed large swaths of the underwater ecosystem.

Health Minister Says Time Needed on Formula

The health minister yesterday defended the government’s failure to fine or shut down any of the private clinics that are currently illegally promoting baby formula to new mothers, saying that more time was needed for committees to “investigate” the breaches.

Officials Unable to Explain Mystery Ships

Officials in Preah Sihanouk province on Thursday gave a series of conflicting explanations as to what a team of cargo ships and accompanying barges are doing in the waters between Koh Rong and the mainland.

PM Calls for Enforcement of Baby Formula Ban

Prime Minister Hun Sen has called for stronger enforcement of regulations on the promotion and sale of baby formula, linking a decrease in the number of women who breast-feed to an increase in un­lawful and misleading advertising that misrepresents milk substitutes and deceives new mothers.