Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Another Private Bank Plans to Change Logo

After three private financial institutions said they would be changing their logos at the behest of the government last week, another major bank said it too would soon undergo rebranding.

‘We Are Private Institutions’—Banks and MFIs Heed Prime Minister

More commercial banks and microfinance institutions (MFIs) were working hastily on Thursday to replace logos that could be confused with those of national agencies and comply with a government directive to publicly declare that they are private institutions, not state-owned.

Among World Leaders, PM’s Facebook 2nd for Engagement

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s time spent posting selfies and broadcasting speeches live on Facebook appears to be paying off, according to a new study that ranks world leaders’ Facebook pages by level of engagement.

Government Aims for Energy Independence to Lower Power Prices

With electricity costs among the highest in the region and concerns that a limited supply of stable power will hinder foreign investment, the government is aiming to achieve energy independence within the next year or two, an official said on Wednesday.

Education Ministry Creates High School Exam Prep Website

The Education Ministry on Monday launched a free website that allows high school students to prepare for their 12th grade national exams via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Photo Exhibition Hides Humanity of Drug Users in Shadows

Gaunt and hollow-eyed, her face veiled in a swirl of smoke, the woman stares away from the camera, a glimpse of a dingy room in Phnom Penh behind her.

Group Calls for Protests Against US Deportations

Cambodians who were deported from the U.S. are calling for protests against the latest move by the U.S. to send more Cambodian citizens back to a country many have never seen, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

U.S. Deporting Over 30 Cambodians, Despite Government Appeals

Cambodia reiterated its wish to renegotiate how its citizens are deported from the U.S. on Tuesday as it emerged that dozens more Cambodian nationals were being sent to the country.

Rise in Cataract Surgeries Sees Good Results

Nut Borin donned oversized sunglasses as he sat on a hospital bed in Phnom Penh last week, about a decade after he first noticed strange things happening with his eyesight.

Drug User Arrests Skyrocket in First Month of Crackdown

In the first month of a six-month anti-drug crackdown, authorities have arrested nearly a quarter of the total number of people who were arrested for drug-related offenses in all of last year, according to government figures.

Deportee Advocacy Group Takes Fight to UN

A U.S.-based organization that advocates against the deportation of Cambodians who went to the U.S. as refugees is taking their fight to the U.N., according to a statement from the group.

Thai Murder Suspect Has Ties to Cambodia

A suspect wanted by police in connection to the murder of a British man last week in Thailand worked at a bar in Phnom Penh and had family ties in Cambodia, according to former colleagues and social media profiles.

Officials Claim Ignorance Over Fugitives in Thai Murder Case

Cambodian officials on Sunday said they were in the dark about investigations into two suspects who are thought to have crossed the border into Koh Kong province on Tuesday and are wanted in connection to the daylight murder of a British man in Thailand.

Unexploded Chemical Drums Buried Under School for Years

Authorities alerted to two chemical-filled drums that were buried decades ago beneath the grounds of a primary school and pagoda in Svay Rieng province are preparing a plan to excavate them, officials said on Tuesday.

Nearly 49,000 Children Are Living in Care Facilities, Study Says

Almost 1 in 100 Cambodian children are believed to be living in residential care centers, a new study says, placing the total figure at nearly 49,000 children, more than double the government’s estimate from last year.

Cambodia Open for Business, Closed for Dissent

Prime Minister Hun Sen has a message for the world: Cambodia wants your investment and acquiescence. He has spent much of the past year telling foreign countries to stay out of Cambodia’s business, but spent the past week in Davos wooing global dealmakers.

Cambodia’s Economy Ranked as PM Visits World Economic Forum in Davos

While Prime Minister Hun Sen was busy peddling his country’s investment potential to European businesspeople on his way to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland this week, two new reports left a mixed impression of Cambodia’s place on the global economic stage.

Homeless Children Rounded Up and Dropped on NGO Doorsteps

Authorities rounded up 48 homeless children off Phnom Penh streets this week and sent them to three NGOs on Tuesday, officials said. But 10 children accepted by one NGO left its care later in the day, including an 8-year-old girl who was quickly returned to her parents.

Gov’t Reviewing US Repatriation Agreement

Cambodia is pressing ahead with a review of how its citizens are deported from the U.S.— even after the U.S. denied a request to suspend the current agreement—as advocates protest the practice of separating long-term U.S. residents from their families.

Passenger Train Driver Blamed for Collision

The driver of a passenger train failed to brake in time to prevent a collision with a freight train carrying hundreds of liters of diesel fuel on Saturday morning in Preah Sihanouk province, resulting in a few minor injuries, an official and the railway operator’s CEO said on Sunday.