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Fish Enthusiasts Share Passion at First Flowerhorn Contest

Eighteen competitors entered their pet flowerhorn fish—a colorful ornamental species known for a large bump on its head—in what organizers said was Cambodia’s first flowerhorn competition.

Human Trafficking Survivors Inspire Short Films

Young Cambodian filmmakers teamed up with human trafficking survivors last month to write scripts inspired by true events, casting mostly unknown actors in their short films and shooting scenes in Siem Reap, all in a whirlwind and on a shoestring budget.

Celebrating Birth of Founders, Baha’is Maintain Buddhist Ties

Chhot Vichey wears a red thread bracelet around his left wrist. His parents gave it to him for spiritual protection in line with Buddhist beliefs. But Mr. Vichey, 25, is not Buddhist. At 15 years old, he has declared himself Baha’i.

Locals Say Police, Not Mob, Left Man Dead

Police are still standing by their story that a mob of villagers beat two men during a roadside confrontation on Friday, causing one of them to die. But locals say that police delivered the beating in the first place, and that it wasn’t until the men were detained in the local police station that serious injuries were inflicted.

Turning a Winning Rat Trap Into a Hot Product

After winning a Southeast Asia regional product design competition in Singapore earlier this month—having qualified by winning the first round in Phnom Penh in August—the group behind “Rat Hunter” is aiming to turn their prototype into a product.

Farm Tech

Innovators and entrepreneurs team up to build better rodent traps—and other tools—for Cambodia’s small-scale farmers. But will they catch on?

Visiting Nigerian Comedian Denied Entry by Airport Officials

Idisi Akpobome, a Nigerian comedian who was scheduled to perform in Phnom Penh this weekend, says he was refused entry to Cambodia on Saturday after refusing to pay a $1,000 bribe to immigration officials at Phnom Penh International Airport.