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Cambodia job scam: Man nabbed at Kuching Airport remanded 4 days

Sarawak police have obtained a four-day remand order against the man wanted for alleged involvement in the recruitment scam which duped 47 Malaysians with high-paying jobs in Cambodia, Bernama reported today.

From Cambodia job scam victim to suspect

Police have established that one of the 47 victims stranded in Cambodia after they were lured to work in the country could be an agent who had recruited the others.

Malaysians detained in Cambodia freed

After being held for more than two months without trial, all 47 Malaysians in Cambodia arrested for allegedly being involved in an online gaming syndicate, were released from Banteay Mancheay prison.

Govt to probe existence of illegal immigrants in Pekan following girl’s murder

The Home Ministry will launch an investigation into the alleged existence of illegal Cambodian immigrants at several settlements in Pekan.

Cambodian refugees: Concern over children’s education

Has the brutal murder of 11-year-old Siti Masitah Ibrahim, whose decomposed body was found near some bushes in Tanjung Medang Kemahang here last weekend, opened a can of worms on the presence of several villages occupied by refugees from Cambodia?

Cambodia to review arrest of 47 Malaysians

The Justice Ministry in Cambodia will review the case of 47 Malaysians detained since December last year over their suspected involvement in fraud and illegal online gambling.

Parents of murdered girl are originally from Cambodia

The parents of a 11-year-old girl whose body was discovered on Saturday are believed to be descendants of Champa from Cambodia.

47 Malaysians detained in Cambodia could be heading home soon

The 47 Malaysians detained in Cambodia since December are set to be released soon, a senior officer in the country was reported to have said.