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City Dwellers Mark New Year at Wat Phnom

As Phnom Penh shopowners locked up their wares and tens of thousands left the city to enjoy the Khmer New Year holiday in the provinces, about 1,000 residents who stayed behind—some solemn and others playful—gathered at Wat Phnom on Tuesday afternoon to welcome the year’s incoming angel.

Bloodthirsty Angel to Ring in New Year, for Better or Worse

A bloodthirsty angel will arrive in Cambodia on Tuesday, bringing unexpected deaths, a spike in fires and high rice prices, according to the country’s official New Year’s almanac.

American Soothsayer Rakes In Small Fortune

In the northwest corner of Phnom Penh’s Boeng Keng Kang market, a new stall is creating a buzz among shoppers. Its occupant is a 28-year-old former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who offers tarot-card readings in Khmer. And customers say her predictions are on point.

One Child Still in Hospital Due to Tainted Sandwiches

Only one child remained hospitalized Wednesday after a group of about 800 people fell ill from food poisoning caused by tainted sandwiches served at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province on Saturday, a spokesman for the NGO said.

Thirty-Six Still Ill After Eating Tainted Sandwiches

Thirty-six villagers remained hospitalized Monday afternoon after about 800 fell ill on Saturday from eating tainted sandwiches distributed at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province’s Chi Kreng district, officials said.

At Unveiling of S-21 Stupa, Ambassador Calls on Youth

At a ceremony to inaugurate a new stupa at Phnom Penh’s Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum on Thursday, German Ambassador Joachim Baron von Marschall urged young Cambodians to be less reluctant to speak openly about the Khmer Rouge era, noting that it was Germany’s youth in the 1970s who “asked uncomfortable questions” about the Holocaust.

Phnom Penh’s Soup-Pots: the ‘Melting Pots’ of Khmer Cuisine

While some city residents will head home or to fancy restaurants to seek out their midday meal, many more will make their way to the nearest “hang bai,” a street-side, family-run restaurant selling various soups, stews and braised dishes.

At UN, Cambodian Delegation Rejects Claims of Prison Abuses

During the second day of questioning from U.N. human rights experts in Geneva, Cambodian officials continued to take a combative and dismissive approach to inquiries regarding the government’s adherence to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

One-Third of Cambodians Now Online Thanks to Mobile Phones

About one-third of Cambodians are now connected to the Internet, with the number of online subscriptions increasing by 31 percent in 2014, according to statistics provided by the government Wednesday.

Women’s Rights Activists Stage Flash Mob to Raise Awareness

A group of activists staged a flash mob in Phnom Penh’s Wat Botom park Thursday evening, performing the Madison and the cha-cha-cha to bring attention to women’s rights in the lead-up to International Women’s Day on Sunday.

Stunting in Children Down 7 Percent Since 2010, Survey Finds

The number of children in the country who are stunted—leaving them physically smaller and mentally weaker than their properly nourished peers—dropped by 7 percent between 2010 and 2014, according to a nationwide survey released Tuesday.

New Stores Catering to High-Maintenance Babies

In recent years, baby product stores have popped up in Phnom Penh, mostly in the city center, offering an array of specialized—and expensive—products aimed at infants and toddlers.

New Year ‘Money Tree’ Trade Dogged by Bribery

In the lead-up to Chinese New Year, vendors lined the markets and streets of Phnom Penh touting “money trees,” or bundles of Angkea sil branches, which are believed to bring fortune to those celebrating the holiday.

Antibiotic Resistance Sparks New Health Policy

Pharmacists in Cambodia have a particular affinity for prescribing antibiotics, so much so that resistance to the drugs has become a public health problem worthy of a national response.

Government Anti-Trafficking Committee Announces Reform

The government’s National Committee for Counter Trafficking expanded its ranks and set out a new four-year plan to increase its reach in the fight against human trafficking during an event Tuesday at the Interior Ministry.

Alternative Treatment to Help PTSD Sufferers

Bo Hoeun, 44, was just a small child when her family was sent by Pol Pot’s soldiers to work at a labor camp in Battambang province’s Mong Russei district.

Survey of Wild Elephants Set to Begin in Mondolkiri

The largest ever survey of elephants roaming Cambodia’s eastern plains will be launched Thursday in Mondolkiri province, according to an NGO involved in the project.

Railway Families Demand Answers Outside ADB Offices

Representatives of 400 Phnom Penh families who fear losing their land to a railway rehabilitation project partially funded by the Asian Development Bank protested outside the bank’s country office on Friday morning.

Survey Launched to Find Source Of HIV’s Spread in Battambang

A government-led team tasked with identifying the source of an outbreak of HIV in Battambang province’s Roka commune began a survey of residents Tuesday in an attempt to determine how the virus spread, an official said.

Classical Composer’s CD Commemorates Khmer Rouge Victims

Inspired by the memories of his own childhood under the Khmer Rouge, renowned classical music composer Him Sophy pays tribute to victims of the brutal regime with his latest album.