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Critic of Cambodian Strongman Hun Sen Flies to Finland After Getting Political Asylum

Cambodian political commentator Kim Sok flew to Helsinki with his daughter on Thursday after gaining political asylum in Finland, following weeks of being in hiding in Thailand under threat of arrest for his criticism of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Chinese Influx Brings Trash, High Prices to Cambodia’s Sihanoukville

A surge in Chinese investment and in the numbers of migrant workers in Cambodia’s port city of Sihanoukville has left local beaches polluted and Cambodian residents struggling to meet higher prices as the cost of living rises, Cambodian sources say.

China’s Political Elite Still Hold Luxury Property in Hong Kong

China's financial and political elite are continuing to hold assets overseas in the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, with relatives of President Xi Jinping still owning millions of dollars' worth of property in Hong Kong, recent reports have indicated.

North Koreans Optimistic That Flurry of Diplomacy Will Bring Sanctions Relief

A renewed flurry of diplomacy with North Korea has made many people in the isolated country optimistic that subsequent summits between leader Kim Jong Un and the presidents of South Korea and the United States could lead to the removal of UN sanctions and improve the economy, a Pyongyang-based source told RFA’s Korean Service.

Pundits, Rights Experts Question Myanmar’s Implementation of Rakhine Recommendations

More than a year after the release of a final report by an advisory commission on troubled Rakhine state, political analysts and rights experts have cast doubt on the Myanmar government’s claim that it has implemented most of the panel’s recommendations.

Cambodians Facing Fear At Reptile Café

People can interact with snakes, scorpions and lizards at Phnom Penh’s first ever reptile-themed café.

China Faces Tariff Challenge to 2020 Goals

As China's economy weakens under tariff pressure, the government may be in danger of breaking one of the Communist Party's most important pledges to guarantee growth.

Media Watchdogs Cry Foul as Three Myanmar Journalists Arrested on Incitement Charges

Myanmar police arrested three journalists from the Eleven Media Group on incitement charges on Wednesday for publishing an article that was critical of the Yangon regional government’s business ventures, in what political observers and media watchdogs decried as the latest attack on press freedom in the Southeast Asian nation.

Future Still Uncertain For Chinese Refugees in Taiwan, Thailand

A U.S.-based activist from a banned pro-democracy party has flown out to Taiwan to assist authorities in assessing the political asylum application of two Chinese nationals stranded in an airport on the democratic island after fleeing Beijing's influence in Thailand.

Myanmar Police Poised to Arrest Reporters on Unclear Charges

Police in Myanmar’s Yangon city appear set to arrest three journalists working for the Eleven Media Group on still unspecified charges after they published an article focusing on the city’s budget, sources in the country say.

Wa Army Wants Non-Signatories to Myanmar Peace Accord Invited to Meeting

Myanmar’s largest non-state army has called for ethnic armed organizations that have not signed the government’s nationwide cease-fire accord to be included in a meeting next week with State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and the military commander-in-chief on the country’s peace process.

China’s Former Interpol Chief ‘in Secret Bribery Probe’ After Resignation

The former head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, is being held for investigation for corruption at a secret location "on the outskirts of Beijing" after the international police body accepted his resignation "with immediate effect" on Sunday, RFA has learned.

Thousands of Chinese Army Veterans March Over Police Beatings

Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong have sealed off a city after thousands of People's Liberation Army (PLA) veterans converged there over a weekend of protests and clashes over police beatings of their former comrades-in-arms, local activists and residents told RFA on Monday.

Myanmar Leader Hit With Rakhine Protests in Tokyo, Vows More Transparency on Rohingya Crisis

About 70 ethnic Rakhines protested outside the Myanmar embassy in Tokyo on Monday, calling on State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi to release a Rakhine nationalist leader and a social activist arrested earlier this year and charged with treason.

China And Russia Eye Mongolian Gas Route

Warming relations have renewed prospects for delivering Russian energy supplies through Mongolia to China as rising demand competes with historical mistrust.

Vietnamese Activists Given Long Prison Terms After One-Day Trial

Five Vietnamese activists were sentenced Friday in a Ho Chi Minh City court after being found guilty in a one-day trial of involvement in a political group that authorities deemed to have challenged Vietnam’s Communist one-party system.

Interview: ‘We Give Them a Warning Before Ordering Them to Stand as Punishment’

Beginning in April 2017, Uyghurs accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas have been jailed or detained in re-education camps throughout northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), where members of the ethnic group have long complained of pervasive discrimination, religious repression, and cultural suppression under Chinese rule.

Cambodia to Lose Preferential Trade Status With EU Amid Worsening Rights Record

The European Union on Friday informed Cambodia that it will lose preferential trade status unless it makes “clear and demonstrable improvements” to its rights record, as dictated by a tariff-free export scheme the country benefits from when sending goods to the bloc, according to media reports.

Journalists Hit Out At Visa Denial to Foreign Correspondents’ Club Official

Authorities in Hong Kong have rejected the visa renewal application of a Financial Times journalist who chaired a speaking event featuring a pro-independence politician at the Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) in August, effectively barring him from working in the city.

Pence Speech Marks ‘Major Political Milestone’ in US-China Ties: Analysts

A speech by U.S. vice-president Mike Pence outlining the Trump administration's "new approach" to China may not herald a new cold war, but is a belated recognition of the intentions of President Xi Jinping's administration, Chinese commentators said on Friday.