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Letter to the Editor: Legal Amendments Not Aimed at CNRP

I would like to inform you that I read the article “Donors Silent As CPP Plots Party-Busting Legislation” (February 16), which stated, “The National Assembly will vote on Monday on landmark legislation giving the government unprecedented new powers to suspend and dissolve its political rivals,” and later that Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen “made clear they were aimed at the CNRP, his only viable challenger in coming commune and national elections.”

Letter to the Editor: Rainsy Quits Amid Threats, But CNRP Still in Danger

As the article “Rainsy Quits Amid Threats, But CNRP Still inDanger” (February13) notes, Sam Rainsy resigned as president of the CNRP to save his...

Letter to the Editor: My Convictions Are Reminder of Corruption

Being tried in absentia by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for having defamed an NGO is not a new experience for me. (“Australian Blogger...

Letter to the Editor: Angkor Gold’s Claims on Exploration License Are Patently Incorrect

This statement from Ms. Weeks is factually incorrect. The Mondolkiri Protected Forest—now called Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary—was established by a sub-decree signed by the prime minister in July 2002.

Letter to the Editor: Violation of Massachusetts Ballot Initiative Was an Honest Mistake

The article “Cambodian Firms Linked to US Election Probe” (January 30) included several false representations regarding Toko Kobayashi’s involvement in the financing of a...

Letter to the Editor: January 7 Criticism a Historical Reminder, Not Personal Attack

The article “No Prisoner Talks While Rainsy Bites, CPP Says” (January 12) seriously distorts the rationale behind my criticism of the government. Regarding my comment on the yearly celebration of January 7 by the CPP, I have not “insulted” anybody, contrary to the government’s allegation. As a matter of fact, I only referred to historical facts for the sake of objectivity and balance.

Letter to the Editor: Daring to Discuss a Transition of Power Here in Cambodia

In “Rainsy Threatens to ‘Crush’ Election Holdouts; Analysts Scoff,” (December 19), I did raise a very sensitive—if not taboo—issue: that related to the dreadful prospect of the ruling CPP not accepting an election defeat in 2018 and forcibly clinging to power by dispatching the opposition CNRP.

Letter to the Editor: Sam Rainsy Postures From Overseas as His Party Falls Apart

I read the article “Rainsy Threatens to ‘Crush’ Election Holdouts; Analysts Scoff,” (December 19), with the judgement that opposition leader Sam Rainsy is creating an illusion and inflaming the public to give false hope in his leadership.

Letter to the Editor: Politics in Cambodia Still Suffering From Lack of Civility

Recently, disagreements between senior members of the CNRP were showcased on social media, “Letters Rebuking Sokha’s Daughter Are Fake, CNRP Says” (October 28). Such discontent appears to have been brewing for quite some time. The issues at hand are leadership, a generational gap and a failure to address grievances. Let’s peel back the onion, layer by layer, and look at some key points.

Opinion: The Secret Underbelly of the Cambodian Garment Industry

"This is the underbelly of Cambodia’s garment industry and the lowest rung of the international apparel industry."

Opinion: Cambodian Government Needs Better Plans to Reduce Disaster Risks

The heavy rains over the recent Pchum Ben holiday are a reminder of the effects flooding has on communities in Cambodia, one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to natural disasters, ranked 9th in the 2016 U.N. University World Risk Index.

Letter to the Editor: Will Hun Sen’s Government Break the Heads of Millions Who...

Having been informed of the Hun Sen government’s promised physical violence against me (a la Khieu Samphan, who was beaten by a mob organized by the government in 1991), there is no point of me returning to Cambodia to fulfill their criminal intent—“Warning Banned Politician, General Cites Khieu Samphan Beating” (October 11).

Letter to the Editor: Economic Ties With U.S. Cut in 1963; Relations in 1965

I greatly enjoyed Michelle Vachon’s piece “De Gaulle’s Visit: A Time Before Glory Faded” in Monday’s edition of The Cambodia Daily. However, I wish to clarify a point with respect to my comments noted in the article. Prince Norodom Sihanouk decided to cut off U.S. economic and military aid in November 1963, but not diplomatic relations.

Letter to the Editor: Reports on ‘3 Missing Deputies’ Not ‘Intellectual Dishonesty’

My attention has been drawn to a letter to the editor by Julio Jeldres “Comparing Prince Sihanouk to Present Government a Failed Endeavor” (September 26). In his article, he chooses to quote from one critical review of my 1994 book, “Sihanouk: Prince of Darkness, Prince of Light,” as a way of invalidating my status as a commentator on Cambodian affairs. I leave it to others to reach their own conclusions. But I will remark that it has long been clear that my view of Norodom Sihanouk’s career does not accord with that of the late king’s “official biographer,” a title that suggests there is only one, officially sanctioned way to write about the biographer’s subject. This is, of course, a position that I do not accept. My most recent considered summary of the late Cambodian leader’s life may be found in the extended obituary published in The Phnom Penh Post on October 17, 2012.

Letter to the Editor: CPP Needs to Accept New Ideas if it Is to...

“I am thankful for Hun Sen,” a Cambodian actress once told me. “Without him, the Khmer Rouge would have killed off every last one of us.” Her gratitude is no platitude. It is anchored in grief for the countless theatrical kin she lost to a regime that epitomised British political philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ leviathan: “No arts; no letters; no society.”

Phnom Penh Wat Not ‘Hotbed Of Anti-Government Activism’

In the article “Court Summons Chief Monk Over Defamation Complaint” (September 20), we noticed one sentence: “The chief monk at Phnom Penh’s Samakki Raingsey pagoda—a hotbed of anti-government activism—said on Monday that...”

C. Crave: Missed Opportunity to Discuss Race

I found several aspects of the article “C. Crave: Black Ambassador to Khmer Culture” (August 31) troubling. More than anything, it read like a missed opportunity. Instead of focusing on how a strong bond has been formed between immigrant and minority groups due to racial, social and economic conditions in the U.S., the writer decided to gawk at the idea that an African-American could have an appreciation of a culture outside of his own.

Cambodia Daily’s Coverage of US’s Presidential Race is Biased

Although The Cambodia Daily often criticizes the biased nature of much of local media, I note that its own coverage of the current U.S. presidential race is entirely one-sided.

Letter to the Editor: Gareth Evans’ Comments Suggest Condescending View of Cambodia

Cambodians who know history will be familiar with “the white man’s burden” and the “mission civilisatrice.” These euphemisms for colonialists imposing their will on the colonized are no longer much used, but the arrogance they express is still with us, and even growing.

Letter to the Editor: Monitor Should Recuse Herself From US Senate Bill Debate

It appears that the political dispute about whether the U.S. Senate should approve U.S. President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill a Supreme Court vacancy is unnecessary. Indeed, the court itself is unnecessary, as we have Heather Ryan—“Tribunal Is Tainted by Political Interference, but Not From U.S.” (July 12)—to tell us the correct “interpretation” of U.S. legislation.