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Prime Minister Hun Sen Found a Win-Win Solution to ‘Samdech’ Problem

Over the past few days, the media situation in Cam­bodia seems to have been bogged down in a tense climate after the government issued its last warning for the media to comply with the order to use the proper titles of senior government officials.

Letter to the Editor: US Should Charge Kissinger If It Wants Mayaguez Probe

The article “US Spending Bill Ties Aid to End of Gov’t Violence” (July 4) is seriously misleading when it says that the Khmer Rouge’s 1975 capture of the S.S. Mayaguez “led to the deaths of 41 U.S. servicemen.”

Cambodian Maids Bound for Malaysia Need Better Deal

As a Cambodian by birth who is currently working and living in Kuala Lumpur, I feel very sad that the Cam­bodian government has again decided to send young girls to Malaysia to work as maids while other countries have either stopped or modified their employment conditions—“Maids Unlikely to Reach Malaysia Before 2017” (June 8).

Prey Speu Detention Center Should Be Shuttered for Good

The Prey Speu “Social Affairs” center has made headlines again, following the decision by Phnom Penh City Hall to keep the detention facility open despite Prime Minister Hun Sen’s support for its closure, “Officials Keep Prey Speu Open After PM’s Rebuke” (June 3).

Letter to the Editor: In Munitions Piece, Handicap International Misses the Point

While I agree with Kimberley McCosker and Gilles Nouzies of Handicap International that Cambodia should sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions (“Cambodia Should Sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions,” May 30), much of their argument misses the point.

Government Neglects Copyrights as Egregiously as Human Rights

Unless the producers of the government’s online video about “Using The Rights In An Anarchic Way” had proper permission to use the photographs in their propaganda video, they stole the intellectual property of the photographers.