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Chinese Ambassador Reiterates Commitment to Increase Tourism

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An met newly appointed Chinese Ambassador Bu Jianguo in Phnom Penh on Monday to discuss plans to encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Cambodia.

Listeners Wary as Hun Sen Changes His Tone

Residents of Phnom Penh on Sunday reacted with resignation and weariness to Prime Minster Hun Sen’s latest post-election speech, in which he prophesied chaos on the streets of Phnom Penh should opposition supporters protest the National Election Committee’s official election result, widely expected to be in favor of the CPP.

Malaria Infections, Deaths Plummet in First Six Months

In the first half of 2013, cases of malaria nationwide dropped 52 percent compared to the same period last year, and malaria deaths reduced 89 percent from 28 to just three during the same period, according to the National Center for Parasitology, Ento­mology and Malaria Control.

Initiative Encourages Private Rural Investment

Representatives from more than 90 Cambodian businesses gathered yesterday at the Council of Ministers building in Phnom Penh to hear about a new initiative that aims to encourage private sector investment in agriculture.

International Election Observers Proclaim Election ‘Free, Fair’

Sunday’s national election was proclaimed “free and fair” by the 291 international observers invited by the National Election Com­mittee to monitor the ballot—despite allegations of serious irregularities.

Chances Disappear for CPP Hopefuls After Election Losses

With preliminary results suggesting the ruling party’s seat allocation in the National Assembly will be reduced by at least 22, plans to usher in a new generation of Cambodian People’s Party lawmakers, made up of the children of the ruling elite, are in doubt.

Drinking Continues in Capital Despite Election Ban on Alcohol

Phnom Penh was ostensibly dry this weekend as a two-day alcohol prohibition came into effect for the national election, with hotels, bars and supermarkets ordered by Prime Minister Hun Sen to cease selling alcohol to prevent violence and traffic accidents over the election period.

Hun Sen’s House Cordoned Off as Poll Results Announced

All roads surrounding Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house in the center of Phnom Penh were temporarily closed off Sunday, with one official saying the shutdown was partly a response to an outbreak of violence at a polling station.

Security to Be Boosted on Final Day of Election Campaigning

Phnom Penh authorities said Thursday that all necessary security measures were in place to ensure that today’s final burst of campaigning would be peaceful and cause limited disruption in the city and that Sunday’s national election vote goes ahead without incident.

Flying the CPP Flag, ‘Pagoda Boys’ Have Mixed Allegiances

Where have the “Pagoda Boys” gone? For a decade, the ostensible youth movement earned a reputation as enforcers for the CPP, using pagodas as a base for their activities.

Thousands Attend Funeral to Pay Respects to Hun Sen’s Father

Thousands of mourners turned out Wednesday to pay their respects as Prime Minister Hun Sen bade farewell to his father, Hun Neang, whose funeral cortege made its way along Norodom and Russian boulevards toward his final resting place at Vongkut Borei Pagoda, where Mr. Hun Sen’s mother is also buried.

Alleging Sabotage, CNRP Candidate Boycotts Election Debate

A Cambodia National Rescue Party candidate on Sunday boycotted a political debate in Kandal province because a group of audience-members purporting to be CNRP supporters had allegedly planned to sabotage the debate by staging a defection to the ruling CPP.

CNRP Supporters Rally in US for Rainsy’s Return

The Cambodia National Rescue Foundation, the U.S.-based overseas funding arm of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, will stage a rally Friday morning in front of the White House calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to pressure the ruling CPP to ensure a free and fair election on July 28 and allow their party’s president, Sam Rainsy, to return unmolested.

Villagers Say Homes Being Purposely Flooded

More than 120 families in Phnom Penh’s Dangkao district sent a letter on Monday to the district governor asking for his help in addressing the flooding problem that has seen some of their homes collapse and has forced many to seek temporary accommodation elsewhere, villagers said.

Impoverished Kids Revitalize ‘Gangnam Style’

It has received about 1.7 billion YouTube views since its release a year ago, but just when you thought the frenzy over “Gangnam Style” was dying down, the hit has gone viral again with a new parody by impoverished Phnom Penh kids racking up almost 200,000 hits since it was posted Friday.

‘Master Plan’ Drawn for Phnom Penh Public Transport System

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) met with Phnom Penh municipal authorities last month to present the first stage of a “master plan” for the construction of a much-needed public transport system for the capital.

Road Safety Groups Call for More Effective Laws

Road safety advocates concerned by the rising death toll from traffic accidents have called on the government to take immediate action to reverse the trend by pushing through legislation that would help improve road safety.

Vietnamese Lured Into Gambling Scams in Bavet

Vietnamese students are increasingly being lured across the border to casinos in Svay Rieng province’s Bavet City, becoming indebted and being held captive by predatory loan sharks, according to a recent Vietnamese media report.

Experts Examine Social Work Issues in Cambodia

The International Social Work Conference on Children and Youth was held in Phnom Penh Monday and Tuesday, where the latest research was presented on improving the wellbeing of children in developing nations, highlighting some of the problems facing Cambodia’s underfunded social welfare services.

Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Celebrated in True British Style

There really was a litany of excuses for a party Friday night, as the British Embassy held an event at the Intercontinental Hotel to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 87th birthday, the 60th anniversary of her coronation to the British throne and the 60th anniversary of the British Embassy in Cambodia.