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National Vaccination Program Still Faces Hurdles

($) World Immunization Week begins today amid efforts by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to expand the National Immunization Program by introducing new vaccines, and reaching children who remain unprotected from preventable diseases such as measles.

Lowell Residents Boycott Pagoda Over Monk Row

More than 300 Cambodian-Americans in Lowell, Massachu­setts, de­cided Sunday to boycott all religious services at their local Buddhist temple in response to the head monk’s support for a fe­male layperson who was allegedly caught on video in a naked romp with a Cambodi­an monk, a local official said.

Sex Crimes Reveal Malaise in Buddhist Clergy

($) The rape of a 6-year-old girl by a monk last Thursday—the latest in a string of violent and sexual crimes by the Buddhist clergy—is indicative of a growing malaise and lack of moral fortitude among members of the country’s official religion, analysts said Monday.

Monk Sex Scandal Angers US Cambodian Town

A prominent Cambodian Bud­dhist monk living in Lowell, Massachusetts, has caused a scandal after a video was posted on YouTube earlier this month that allegedly showed him having sex with a female layperson inside a Buddhist temple in the second-largest Cambodian-American community.

‘Hero Rats’ Drafted for Mine Clearance Trials

($) For years, demining operations here have consisted of groups of clearance specialists scoping the land with modern detection equipment. But before too long, a team of large rodents with a superior sense of smell could be soldiering the frontline of landmine clearance in Cambodia.

More Than 500 Killed on the Roads This Year

Road traffic accidents killed 540 people in the first three months of 2013—an increase of 10 deaths compared to the same period last year, according to a report by the Interior Ministry published Wednesday on the National Police website.

Orphanage Under Scrutiny Could Reopen

An unregistered Christian-run orphanage in Phnom Penh—from which police last week removed 21 children—could reopen if the Australian NGO that runs it completes the necessary paperwork, an official said Sunday.

EdC Appeals for Public to Unplug In Power Crisis

Cambodia’s national electricity provider on Thursday appealed to the public to unplug from the national energy supply in an effort to alleviate chronic seasonal power shortages that are causing blackouts across Phnom Penh and the rest of the country.

Anti-Trafficking NGO and Police Clarify Orphanage Raid

Police and anti-trafficking NGO Sisha released a joint statement Wednesday that sought to bring together their conflicting accounts of an operation that re­moved 21 children from a Christian-run orphanage in Phnom Penh on Friday.

Police Refute NGO’s Claim of Raid on Christian Orphanage

Authorities on Monday disputed reports by anti-trafficking NGO Sisha that Friday’s closure of a Christian-funded orphanage in Phnom Penh was the result of a police raid and instead said the closure was in response to a plea for help from the 71-year-old Australian owner of the orphanage.

Police Shut Down Orphanages Accused of Neglect, Sexual Abuse

Police shut down an Australian-run orphanage in Phnom Penh’s Mean­chey district on Friday after children from the organization’s center escaped last month and reported incidents of beatings, anti-human trafficking NGO Sisha said in a statement.

Powerless Phnom Penh Struggles With Hot Season

As air-conditioning units slow to a halt, computers die and the lights go out, the frustration of local business owners and organizations in Phnom Penh is boiling over once again as the annual hot season blackouts have arrived.

Portrait of the Boxer as a Young Man

Looking at the photographic portraits in Antoine Raab's new exhibition "Khmer Boxers" at the Institute Francais in Phnom Penh, one is aware that the men, boys and children they capture are not people we would ordinarily permit our gaze to linger upon.

By Bike, A Different Way to See Angkor

Siem Reap province - I arrived at Angkor Wat close to 6 a.m., and into the midst of what seemed like a thousands-thronged battlefield,...

Thousands Take Part in 17th Angkor Wat Half Marathon

More than 6,000 runners gathered in Siem Reap yesterday to compete in the 17th Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, which saw Cambodians place first...

Eat Up, Amigos

Taqueria Corona, the new Mexican-style restaurant on Phnom Penh’s Street 51, is an inviting, unpretentious establishment recently opened but already making friends out of...