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How can Cambodia take on the mammoth task of fighting its illegal ivory trade?

This month’s discovery of trinkets carved from the tusks of extinct woolly mammoths is just the latest evidence that Cambodia is playing a growing role in the international illegal ivory trade.

Cambodian Space Project producer takes psych rock festival on the road

Cambodia’s second annual Folk Art & Blues Fest rolls into Phnom Penh on a double-decker London bus in late January for the start of a 16-day tour that will take it all over the Kingdom.

Cambodian startup lands $10k for smart recycling solution

The team of young entrepreneurs won the Toyota Impact Challenge for their startup that aims to promote recycling through smart technology.

What the EU’s new tariffs mean for Cambodia and Myanmar’s rice farmers

Starting today, Cambodia and Myanmar will be forced to pay hefty tariffs to export rice to the European Union – and farmers fear that it will leave both nations’ rice industries in critical condition.

Say No to Plastic / Striving for better health and environment in Cambodia… and...

Every month, Southeast Asia Globe features stories from organisations around the region taking action to reduce plastic use. This month, we highlight Plastic Free Cambodia.

Cambodia / Bosch country head on traffic accidents and engineering solutions

To shed some light on how automotive manufacturers and marketers can help minimise accidents in the region, Southeast Asia Globe sits down with Phirum Hay, country head of Bosch in Cambodia, to discuss the importance of the Kingdom’s adoption of new technologies and modern safety systems in its cars.

Turning Temple Town green through ‘upcycling’

A social enterprise in Siem Reap is coming up with innovative solutions to the ever-accumulating wastes at the tourism hot spot of Siem Reap. It “upcycles” refuse into biofuel, soap and durable goods.

Top 5 / Southeast Asia’s favourite noodle soups

From Cambodia’s kuy teav to Indonesia’s soto ayam, Southeast Asia Globe tucks into the region’s favourite noodle soups.

‘Stop judging us’ / Kokopon founder on female entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Southeast Asia Globe talks to Sokneang N Nodzak, the founder of freshly-launched startup Kokopon, to discuss her business idea and her experience as a female entrepreneur in Cambodia.

Whatever happened to Vietnam’s forgotten veterans

On Christmas Day 40 years ago, 150,000 Vietnamese troops crossed the border into Cambodia and launched a bloody campaign to drive the murderous Khmer Rouge regime from power.

New money transfer app set to launch after major investment

A newcomer to Phnom Penh’s fintech scene, Cambodia-based startup Clik has raised over $2m as it prepares to launch in the Kingdom in early 2019.

‘Who is this stupid God?’ / Southeast Asian leaders’ most controversial quotes 2018

This year has been a whirlwind of surprising news and geopolitical drama in Southeast Asia, with three elections, infamous imprisonments and a meeting in Singapore of two of the world’s most caricaturesque political figures.

Digital technology essential for economic growth, says World Bank

Cambodia’s economic growth in recent years has been rapid, with the Kingdom benefitting from preferential trade treatment and an abundance of low-skilled labour.

He wanted to expose Cambodia’s virginity trade. Now, he’s in prison

A Cambodian translator helped foreign journalists film a documentary about alleged sex trafficking in the Kingdom. Authorities now claim the film’s subjects said they were paid to be in the film. The translator’s wife, who visited him in prison, tells Southeast Asia Globe that her husband is afraid, sick and innocent.

The project weaving a brighter future for Cambodia’s rural women

A Cambodian social enterprise is giving the ancient art of Khmer weaving a modern twist – and supporting rural women at the same time.

In pictures: Cambodia’s Angkor Photo Festival

The 14th annual Angkor Photo Festival, held in Siem Reap Cambodia, features the work of 100 artists from 40 countries – plus talks, portfolio reviews and workshops.

What it takes to become Cambodia’s next top urban artist

Tomorrow, Phnom Penh’s trendy KBach Gallery will announce the winners from among 50 urban artists competing for gallery contracts and a grand prize of $1,000 at the Factory.

Plastic Kingdom: art exhibition questions Cambodia’s rampant waste problem

An new art exhibition in Phnom Penh featuring works by Cambodian and foreign artists will raise questions about plastic use and recycling, through woodcarvings, illustrations and even a motorbike.

Taking on Cambodia’s deaf stigma, one coffee at a time

A recently opened coffee shop in downtown Phnom Penh is empowering the country’s often marginalised deaf and mute community.

Seeing red: ‘Cambodia doesn’t have anti-China nationalism – yet’

China is investing billions in Cambodia’s economy, outspending even the Kingdom’s national budget. But as more and more Cambodians raise fears of crime, corruption and colonial ambition, could rising public resentment lead the nation back to its dark days of racially motivated violence?