Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Cambodia Set to Benefit as India ‘Acts East’

India is set to bring new development opportunities to Cambodia as it challenges China’s established influence in Southeast Asia, experts say.

New Players Shake Up Mobile Money Market

Since launching in 2009, Wing has been largely on its own in the mobile money transfer market, opening thousands of payment kiosks across the country and benefitting from rapidly expanding base of mobile phone users.

Index Shows Cambodia Still Weak on Human Development

Cambodia ranked 143rd out of 188 countries in the U.N.’s latest Human Development Index, a composite measure of development incorporating health, education and living standards, according to new figures released on Monday.

Cambodian Workers Can Gain From Aging Region, Experts Say

Rapidly aging populations in the region are expected to bring new economic opportunities and challenges in managing Cambodia’s young workforce, experts said in response to the World Bank’s report “Live Long and Prosper: Aging in East Asia and Pacific,” which was released on Wednesday.

Cambodia Faces Turning Point on Foreign Aid

Despite failing to meet many of the expectations of its foreign donors over the past two decades, Cambodia’s government has never struggled to secure aid from abroad.

Despite Strong Growth, Economy Still Fragile

Economists and development experts say that the predicted figures showing continued strong growth—often cited by the ruling CPP as evidence of their success governing the country—gloss over the need for Cambodia to build a more sustainable growth path.