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12 of the best things to do in Cambodia and Vietnam

From watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat to cruising the Mekong River, here's how to cover the best bits of Cambodia and Vietnam.

24 hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

From Phnom Penh's best museums and galleries, to the top things to see, do and buy – here's how to spend your first 24 hours in the Cambodian capital.

Defiant Cambodian voters plan to give PM and his cronies the ‘clean finger’

Kung Raiya has already spent 18 months in a notorious Cambodian prison for demanding an end to the government of Hun Sen, the country’s autocratic leader and world’s longest-serving prime minister.

The strongman of Cambodia is ready to tighten his grip

At 7.30am at a dusty crossroads in rural southeast Cambodia, a 68-year-old man sits in his car giving a speech to passing traffic and a few bored-looking street food sellers.

Discover the hidden temples of Cambodia

Leave the crowds at Angkor Wat and head 100 miles away to have the temples to yourself