Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Cambodia returns land taken from indigenous people in ‘unprecedented’ move

Governor of Ratanakari province has asked the agriculture ministry to take out 64 areas from the land concessions that belonged to a dozen indigenous communities in Cambodia.

Why teenage marriages are rampant in Cambodia

Mobile phone access across the country has brought young boys and girls closer to each other, and due to social pressures the underage dating quickly translates into teenage marriage and pregnancy.

Cambodia’s main city faces growing sewage problem

Many of the capital Phnom Penh's poorest people have been relegated to living in areas that puts their health at risk.

Child labour and debt bondage rife at Cambodia’s brick factories

A Cambodian human rights group says child labour and debt bondage are being widely practiced in the country's brick factories due to a rapid urbanisation, trapping families in a cycle of poverty.