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Analysts See Close Ties in Cambodia-China Anniversary Letters

The leaders pointed to the One Belt, One Road initiative, a Chinese initiative that will connect the economies of Southeast Asia with large infrastructure projects.

Election Body Issues Text Messages Warning of Election Law Prosecutions

The national election body has warned Cambodians in a series of text messages that they could face prosecution if they are found to have violated the election law, which extends to calls to boycott the vote.

Ministry Urges Local Authorities to Speed Up Voters’ Identity Documentation

Cambodia’s interior ministry has called on local authorities in the country to make a bigger effort to disseminate identity documents ahead of next week’s general election.

VOA Khmer Interview: Global Witness Urges US Sanctions on Four Cambodian Tycoons

Global Witness is launching a campaign that exposes Prime Minister Hun Sen associates who have played a key role in controlling Cambodian politics and its economy in their favor.

More Than 160,000 Election Observers to Oversee Poll: NEC

The National Election Committee (NEC) increased the estimate from a previous figure of about 50,000, saying the observers were fairly evenly split between civil society groups and political party observers.

Hun Sen’s Biggest Regret: Land Disputes

''My regret is the lateness of land reform. And solving land disputes…. [W]e should have given land titles to the people more speedily, but we delayed for 10 years giving land titles to the people,” Hun Sen said in a 2015 interview with American documentary filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman.

Spanish Environmentalist Calls Hun Sen a ‘Coward’ Over Activists’ Sentencing

A Spanish environmentalist who was deported from Cambodia and saw the organization he founded closed down by the Hun Sen government has labeled the Cambodian prime minister a “coward” after a court this week upheld a decision to sentence three activists over an anti-sand dredging campaign.

Two Years After Kem Ley Murder, Competition Grows Among His Supporters and Relatives

Kem Ley, one of Cambodia’s most prominent and respected political commentators, was gunned down at a gas station in Phnom Penh two years ago.

EU Fact-Finding Mission Concludes, Officials, to Determine Trade Agreement Status

The European Union has concluded a fact-finding visit to Cambodia to assess its membership of a vital preferential trade scheme in light of widespread allegations of anti-democratic actions and human rights abuses by the government.

Supreme Court Upholds Guilty Verdict Against Environmentalists

San Mala, Try Sovikear, and Sim Samnang were sentenced to 18 months in jail after they organized a protest against the company in April 2015.

Koh Kong Authority Announces Plan to End Land Disputes with Chinese Corporation

Chinese corporation Union Development Group (UDG) has forced more than 1,000 families from their homes over the past 10 years.

Rights Workers Welcome Dismissal of Charges Against Unionist

A President of the Cambodian Youth Party claimed Moeun Tola had stolen $300,000 of donations collected for Kem Ley’s funeral.

Two Years after Assassination, Cambodians Remember Slain Political Analyst Kem Ley

Kem Ley, one of Cambodia’s most prominent and respected political commentators, was gunned down as he had his morning coffee at a gas station in Phnom Penh two years ago this week.

Supreme Court Hears Case of Detained Environmentalists

The Supreme Court on Friday heard the appeal case of three environmentalists who were sentenced on charges of “intimidation” and “causing damage” while investigating an alleged illegal sand dredging operation in Koh Kong province in 2016.

Sixteen Brides, Maids Rescued From Abusive Conditions Abroad: Gov’t

Seven brides were returned from China, four en route to China in Vietnam and three girls between 13 and 16 years old were rescued in Thailand.

Parties Begin Election Campaigning Without Main Opposition

The CNRP was banned by the Supreme Court late last year and will not be able to field any candidates to contest seats in the July 29 election.

Mayaguez Rescuers Not Properly Honored, Researcher Says

The final battle between U.S. forces and the Khmer Rouge took place on the tiny island of Koh Tang on May 15, 1975, nearly a month after Phnom Penh fell to the regime. A brief but fierce battle, U.S. forces had been sent to rescue the passengers of a U.S. merchant ship: the Mayaguez.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Criticized Over Suspect Case’s Dismissal

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has come under criticism for dismissing the case against Im Chaem, a former district chief in the Khmer Rouge regime.

PM Orders Facebook Surveillance Over Reported Rumors of ‘Fatal Election Ink’

Hun Sen has said that people posting online messages online saying they will not vote in the election on July 29 could face legal action.

From Dancer to Royal Consort to Aspiring MP: A Princess’s Life Remembered 

Ouk Phalla was one of the country’s most prominent Apsara dancers.