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Cambodian Businesswomen Visit US to Learn From Peers

While women own the majority of businesses in Cambodia, they lack access to finance, training, mentoring, and other information that would allow them to grow their businesses.

New Thai Laws Mandate Election by May Next Year

After a series of long delays and broken promises, Thailand’s military government has enacted laws that set in motion a countdown leading to new elections by next May.

At World Economic Forum on Asean, Talk of Computing Revolution

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the trend towards automation of industrial processes and new advances in computing.

EU Approves Resolution Targeting Cambodia’s Ruling Party

The EU resolution calls for asset freezes on senior Cambodian officials and action to be taken over Cambodia’s membership of preferential trading schemes.

Poor Governance Seen as Hindering Cambodia’s Growth

About a fifth of Cambodians live below the national poverty line, according to the World Bank.

Court Questions New Witness in Kem Sokha Trial

In May, eight witnesses were called in the case, mostly senior officials from non-governmental groups advocating for better living standards and rights for Cambodians.

Former RFA Journalists Appeal for Spying Case to Be Dropped

The former RFA reporters were held without charge for 48 hours after their arrest, they told the court, which broke the law.

Cambodia to Create Crime Task Force Targeting Chinese in Coastal Province

Around 16,000 Chinese tourists visited Cambodia over the past seven months, according to the Tourism Ministry.

Why Confront the Horrors of History?

We must confront the horrors of history if we are to ever move past it.

Interview: Milton Osborne, on Pol Pot and Cambodia’s Development

His latest work, “Pol Pot Solved the Leprosy Problem: Remembering Colonial and Post-Colonial Worlds”, is a memoir of his days as a young diplomat in Phnom Penh between 1959 and 1961.

Kem Sokha, In His Own Words

The following text tells the life story of Kem Sokha, president of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party until it was dissolved last year, in his own words.

Interview: Brian Eyler, director of the Stimson Center’s Southeast Asia Program

Brian Eyler is an expert on transboundary issues in the Mekong region and China’s economic relationship with Southeast Asia.

Cambodia Ups Medal Count in 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia

Cambodia placed 24th out of 37 competing teams in the games’ medal table this year, with 46 athletes competing in 13 categories.

Western Professionals ‘Enabling Transnational Kleptocracy: Report

The report identifies six service sectors, that plays an intermediary role in facilitating illicit activities, including the fintech and cryptocurrency, legal, incorporation, financial, real estate, lobbying, and public relations services.

When “Healing Medicine” Is Bad for Public Health

Poor control of antibiotics has raised the risk of deadly drug resistance developing in Cambodia.

Former Cambodian Opposition Leader to Remain Behind Bars

Many of those jailed in the lead up to Cambodia’s July 29 general election have now been released after the ruling party completely dominated the ballot.

Q&A: Nick Beresford, UNDP Cambodia Country Director

The UNDP works with the Cambodian government, civil society groups, community organizations, aid agencies, donors, and the private sector.

Asia’s Rising Appetite for Meat, Seafood Will ‘Strain Environment’

Asia’s growing appetite for meat and seafood over the next three decades will cause huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions and antibiotics used in foods, researchers said Tuesday.

Vietnam’s Latest Demand for Agent Orange Compensation Described as Last Resort

Vietnam is demanding compensation from manufacturers of Agent Orange in what experts describe as a last resort for helping citizens who still fall sick or face disabilities linked to the defoliant the United States used during war in the country five decades ago.

Cambodian Vlogger Aims to Promote Equal Rights in Cambodia

“I want people to debate about the topics that I raise—their disagreement won’t matter much to me,” says Catherine V. Harry.