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Targeted Sanctions More Effective, Experts Say

Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled Cambodia for over 33 years, remains defiant.

Borei Keila Residents Accuse Landowner of Releasing Dogs on Housing Rights Activists

Suy Sophan, who controls the Phan Imex company that owns the land where the community lives, was accused of releasing the dogs who reportedly attacked at least one woman.

Unprepared for the ‘Silent Killer’: Cambodia’s Coming Epidemic of Kidney Disease

Some patients refer to kidney disease as “the sell everything you have illness.”

Pentagon Official Joins Condemnation of Cambodia Crackdown

The comments followed previous statements from the Trump administration on the election, which saw the ruling Cambodian People’s Party win all 125 seats in parliament.

Cambodian-Americans Demand Cambodia Gov’t ‘Restore Democracy

At the annual Overseas Khmer Summit (OKS), rights activists and academics in the Cambodian diaspora denounced the election and appealed to the international community to intervene.

America Says South China Sea Code of Conduct Should ‘Include International Principles’

China has responded to criticism by claiming it has the right to build on its territory and defend its strategic interests at all costs.

Four Years on, Are Strict Exam Rules Bearing Fruit?

Polls conducted by the Asia Foundation showed that 96 percent of respondents supported the reforms, with about half agreeing that it was “time to start reforming education”.

Siem Reap Residents Cast Doubt on High Voter Turnout Figures

The high turnout figures came amid a boycott campaign led by a former opposition party president and reports of a campaign of voter intimidation during the campaign and on election day. Some 7 percent of Siem Reap residents spoiled their ballots, according to the NEC figures.

Cambodians Speak of Threats, Intimidation During Election

“It is villagers’ rights to go to vote or not vote,” said one woman describing pressure from ruling party officials to vote.

The Justice Façade: Genocide Expert Alex Hinton on Differing Perspectives of the Khmer Rouge...

So, the book argues that it is necessary to step behind this facade and understand how everyday Cambodians and people understand what's going on in this juridical process.

Tokyo Remains Tight-Lipped as China Endorses Cambodia’s Election

Japan sent election monitors to Cambodian elections in 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008, but did not do so in last month's national elections.

Election to Dominate Discussion at Cambodian-American Meeting

The second annual Overseas Khmer Summit will focus on “unity, peace, continuity, and prosperity”.

Minister Touts ‘One-Party Parliament’ as Victory for Democracy

Say Samal made the comments in an op-ed published in a widely read local daily newspaper, Rasmei Kampuchea, owned by his father, Senate President Say Chhum.

E.U. Parliament Committee Calls for Release of Cambodia Opposition Leader

The CPP jailed Sokha in September on treason charges and banned the CNRP over allegations of a conspiracy to overthrow Hun Sen by force.

Experts Weigh in on ‘Deeply Flawed’ Cambodia Election

Both nationally and internationally, the CPP will have a difficult time explaining its uncontested win in the election, according to experts.

Cambodian Ruling Party Says It Has Won All Seats in Parliament

Nearly 7 million voters, or 82.89 percent of the electorate, turned out to vote, according to the NEC.

U.S. Lawmakers Welcome Calls for Sanctions on Cambodia ‘Regime Profiteers’

The tycoons named by Global Witness were logging baron Try Pheap, Cambodian People’s Party senators Ly Yong Phat, a sugar magnate, Mong Reththy, and Lao Meng Khin, one of Hun Sen’s closest private sector allies.

International Community Condemns Cambodia Elections as ‘Setback to Democracy’

The U.S. was joined in its condemnation of the election process by several governments, political figures and rights groups.

Cambodian Expats Protest Election Dubbed ‘Funeral for Democracy’

Supporters of the banned Cambodia National Rescue Party and rights activists living overseas have held two days of protests against the general election.

Former Cambodia Opposition Rejects Election Results

Despite a CNRP campaign to boycott the election, amid threats and voter intimidation, turnout was reported at 82 percent, according to the National Election Committee.

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Hun Sen Raises Spectre of Assassination Attempt in Warning Over Threat...

According to Hun Sen, in September 1998 while traveling to Siem Reap his car was targeted by an attacker with a B40 rocket-propelled grenade.

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