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Group Warns of ‘Ruthless Crackdown’ on Cambodian Journalists

For former Radio Free Asia reporter Yeang Sothearin, life took a drastic turn when Cambodian police came to detain him and his colleague Uon Chhin in November 2017. They were accused of conspiring with foreign powers, charges they have since denied.

US, China Face Off Online Over Trade Deficit in Cambodia

Recently, the US embassy posted a comment on its Facebook about a trade deficit between China and Cambodia, which angered Chinese embassy officials in Phnom Penh.

Cambodian Social Media Users Enthralled by Family Dispute over Valuable Land

Facebook users are shocked by a court battle between an 84-year-old matriarch and her 61-year-old daughter for control over prime location land in Sihanoukville.

Reamker Retold Through Decades-Long Photo Collection

The 466-page photography book of mural paintings, temple carvings, and traditional masked dance performances took photographer Arjay Stevens 22 years to finish.

Reporters Without Borders Says Cambodia Media Freedoms Plummeted in 2018

At least 14 journalists have been killed in Cambodia since 1992, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Loss of Life as Traffic Deaths Mount Prompts Renewed Debate Over Safety, Access to...

Traffic accidents cost Cambodia $350 million a year, according to officials.

Facing No Opposition, Cambodia’s Ruling Party Expects Easy Local Election Wins

More than 4,100 constituencies are being contested in total across Cambodia’s 25 regions.

Villagers In Pursat Risk Losing Everything to Dam Development

The Cambodian government last week announced an 80-megawatt hydropower dam on the Anlong Krouch river, which flows to the town of Pursat.

Cambodia Promotes International Commitments at UN to Deflect Rights Criticism

In a speech in New York late last month, Cambodia’s defense minister, Tea Banh, said Cambodia was committed to internationalism, peace, and development.

FBI, Cambodia Ink Cooperation Agreement to Fight Transnational Crime

With the help of the FBI, Cambodian police have arrested US fugitives hiding in Cambodia and collaborated in a crackdown on criminal cases.

Kampong Speu Palm Sugar Producers Call on Gov’t to Retain EBA

The EU is currently assessing Cambodia’s membership of the scheme following a deterioration in human rights and democratic standards.

Prey Lang Forest Activists Hope New Funding Will Prompt Change

The activists and communities in Prey Lang rely on the forest to support their livelihoods and fear that continued encroachment on the woodland will further deplete their income.

Traditional Oxcart Races Held for Khmer New Year

Participants and organizers said they wanted to raise awareness of the tradition in the hope it could be preserved for future generations as Cambodian farming becomes more mechanized.

War, Colors and Drawing From Experience: How Art Inspired Young Cambodian Refugees

Their group -- Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS) -- this month celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Quality Free Health Care Remains Elusive for Poorest Cambodians

The Cambodian government claims the IDPoor program has been a success, with more than 600,000 Equity Cards — also known as poverty cards and cards for the poor — having been distributed to households across the country, benefiting an estimated 2 million people.

Industry Associations Issue Stark Warning to Cambodia Over Trade Schemes

In February, the European Commission launched an official process that could see Cambodia being temporarily withdrawn from EBA, due to a dramatic decline in human rights and democratic standards.

Kampong Speu Palm Sugar Given GI Status By EU

Hym Piseth, deputy director of Confirel, said the registration would help bolster sugar production and sales in Europe and elsewhere.

Interview: Book Author’s 10-Year Observation of Cambodia

My book is exactly about “Cambodia in the 21st century”. I thought the book could include some kind of photos of Cambodian society now. What is happening and what is changing, from a traditional to a more modern society.

In US, Traditional Khmer Dance Unites Cambodian-American Community

For nearly 40 years, a Cambodian-American couple have been preserving a unique traditional dance in the Washington D.C. area in an effort to present what they regard as their native "invaluable asset" and bring together the Cambodian-American community in the U.S. VOA Khmer’s Say Mony reports.

Cambodian Prime Minister Threatens to Cut Citizens Electricity if They Complain About Outages

Hun Sen’s comments came after he apparently read a news report where sources criticized the government over ongoing power shortages during the current heat wave.