Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Montagnard Refugee Becomes MMA Fighter in US

Theo Rlayang is an amateur fighter and currently has won five out of six fights.

‘Disappeared’ Activist Reportedly Found Working on Construction Site

Sum Moeun’s disappearance prompted concern from rights groups including Human Rights Watch, who suspected Moeun had “disappeared” by state security forces over his activism.

Cambodia Vows to Continue UN Peacekeeping Contributions

Military officials met at the Peacekeeping Ministerial Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York on Friday to discuss the capacity of peacekeeping forces around the world.

Hun Sen: Blame CNRP Leadership for Party Split, Not Me

So far nine former CNRP officials have taken up the prime minister’s offer of an amnesty ahead of a deadline for applications in April.

Hun Sen Plays Down Risk From EU Trade Sanctions as Delegation Arrives in Cambodia

Hun Sen told garment workers in Pursat province the Cambodian economy could stay afloat without the added competitiveness provided by the Everything But Arms (EBA) scheme.

U.S Envoy Calls for ‘Free, Open and Rules-Based Indo-Pacific’

Over the past two years, Patrick Murphy has been a frequent visitor to Southeast Asia, including two visits to Cambodia in 2017.

Warrants Issued for 8 Former Cambodian Opposition Leaders Charged With Treason

The warrants were issued shortly after Sam Rainsy made a public statement pledging to return to Cambodia despite the threat of arrest.

Bernard Krisher, Pioneering English-Language Newspaper Proprietor, Dies Aged 87

Bernard Krisher founded the Daily in 1993 following the establishment of the Phnom Penh Post a year earlier, then published fortnightly.

Panel Discusses the Role of Arts in Post-Conflict Healing Process

The discussion also marked the opening of an exhibition, “Four decades since the fall of the Khmer Rouge.”

Cambodians Urged to Use Care on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook have become popular mediums for Cambodians to criticize authorities and protest against government policy.

Cambodia to Journalists: Let Us Now Praise Sihanoukville

Cambodia tells journalists to present the hive of Chinese investment as ‘a city of miracles’ set to rival a mash-up of Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Singapore.

Brother of Major Cambodian Tycoon Arrested in Drug Raid Case

Police found some 50 kilograms of drugs at the venue and detained 29 suspected dealers during the nighttime raid on February 23.

Remittances Pull Farmers Deeper Into Debt, Research Finds

The study found that families receiving remittances saw an average increase in debt of 6 percent.

New Book Urges Action to Prevent ‘Last Days of the Mighty Mekong’

The Mekong River is home to more than 70 million people.

Interview: Book Author’s 10-Year Observation of Cambodia

My book is exactly about “Cambodia in the 21st century”. I thought the book could include some kind of photos of Cambodian society now. What is happening and what is changing, from a traditional to a more modern society.

Hun Sen Gives Former Opposition Officials Royal Pardon Ultimatum

Some 118 former Cambodia National Rescue Party officials were banned from political activities for five years in a Supreme Court ruling in November 2017.

China, Cambodia Hold More War Games

The Dragon Gold exercises were held in Kampot province’s Chumkiri district on land controlled by Infantry Brigade 70, an elite reserve force for Prime Minister Hun Sen’s bodyguard unit.

Gripped By Drought, Cambodian Farmers Struggle Against Changing Climate

Cambodian farmers harvest rice in two seasons: the rainy and dry seasons.

Commerce Ministry Slams US Congressmen Over Trade Sanctions Bill

Cambodia exported $400 million in garments and textile products to the United States duty-free last year, according to GMAC.

Cambodian-American Movie Brings Back Hope, Memories of Pre-Khmer Rouge Era

The movie, “In the Life of Music”, which features the Sisamouth classic “Champa Battambang”, screened in Virginia on Thursday to a crowded hall of several hundred viewers.