Friday, November 16, 2018
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RFA Journalists Accused of Treason Released on Bail After Nine Months Behind Bars

According to an order issued Tuesday evening by Judge Pich Vicheathor, the two journalists will be freed on bail but will have stringent conditions placed on their release.

Q&A: Cambodian-Canadian Professor Says Lack of Trust is Cambodia’s Kryptonite

Sorpong Peou recently talked to VOA Khmer about political trust, how power is accumulated, and his new article “Cambodia’s Hegemonic-Party System.”

Chief of Hun Sen’s Bodyguard Unit Denies He Threatened War Against America

General Hing Bun Heang told VOA Khmer on Monday that his meaning had been misunderstood.

Laos Bullish on Dams Despite Fatal Catastrophe

Renewable energy proponents have seized on the fatal collapse of a dam in Laos in their push to steer the country away from its hydropower “binge.”

In “Lost World,” A Fisherwoman Dredges Up Deep Emotions

She said that since the dredging began, many children have dropped out of school to help their families, as it is so much harder to make a living from fishing. Some natives of Koh Srolao have been forced to leave the village and become laborers in Thailand or Phnom Penh.

Shielded by China, CPP Confronts Western Pressure Over One-Party Rule

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, met his Cambodian counterpart Prak Sokhonn during the Asean Regional Forum earlier this month, to send a clear message: Cambodia is under China’s protection.

Cambodian Ruling Party Posts Complete Electoral Sweep

The ruling party of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has won all 125 parliamentary seats in last month's election, which has been denounced by outlawed opposition forces as illegitimate.

New Minimum Wage Talks Set to Begin Next Month

Last year, in a bid to curry favor with the more than 700,000 garment workers in the country ahead of the election, Hun Sen oversaw the raising of the minimum wage to $170 per month and provided additional benefits such as free transportation and medical care.

Cambodian Migrant Workers Dream of Opportunities at Home

Most migrant workers will be unemployed on their return to their home country because of a lack of job opportunities and programs to get people back into work.

Genocide Expert Alex Hinton on Understanding Cambodian Justice in Khmer Rouge Trials

Alex Hinton is the director of the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights and a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University.

Survivors Recount Horror of Laos Dam Collapse

Samled Inthavong had almost finished hoisting his family members into a boat when a building uprooted by the collapse of a dam upstream slammed into his house.

U.S. Seeks to Appoint Senior Asia Diplomat as Cambodia Ambassador

President Donald Trump on Friday approved the nomination of senior Asia diplomat W. Patrick Murphy as his pick to lead the U.S. mission in Cambodia amid soured U.S.-Cambodian relations over Phnom Penh’s handling of a general election last month.

Targeted Sanctions More Effective, Experts Say

Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled Cambodia for over 33 years, remains defiant.

Borei Keila Residents Accuse Landowner of Releasing Dogs on Housing Rights Activists

Suy Sophan, who controls the Phan Imex company that owns the land where the community lives, was accused of releasing the dogs who reportedly attacked at least one woman.

Unprepared for the ‘Silent Killer’: Cambodia’s Coming Epidemic of Kidney Disease

Some patients refer to kidney disease as “the sell everything you have illness.”

Pentagon Official Joins Condemnation of Cambodia Crackdown

The comments followed previous statements from the Trump administration on the election, which saw the ruling Cambodian People’s Party win all 125 seats in parliament.

Cambodian-Americans Demand Cambodia Gov’t ‘Restore Democracy

At the annual Overseas Khmer Summit (OKS), rights activists and academics in the Cambodian diaspora denounced the election and appealed to the international community to intervene.

America Says South China Sea Code of Conduct Should ‘Include International Principles’

China has responded to criticism by claiming it has the right to build on its territory and defend its strategic interests at all costs.

Four Years on, Are Strict Exam Rules Bearing Fruit?

Polls conducted by the Asia Foundation showed that 96 percent of respondents supported the reforms, with about half agreeing that it was “time to start reforming education”.

Siem Reap Residents Cast Doubt on High Voter Turnout Figures

The high turnout figures came amid a boycott campaign led by a former opposition party president and reports of a campaign of voter intimidation during the campaign and on election day. Some 7 percent of Siem Reap residents spoiled their ballots, according to the NEC figures.