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US Broadens Visa Bans Over ‘Flawed’ Cambodia Election

The United States said Wednesday that it was expanding visa restrictions on individuals responsible for "anti-democratic" actions in the run-up to Cambodia's July 29 election.

Cambodia Set to Become One-party State

In an election slammed by rights groups as a sham because the main opposition party was banned, the Cambodian People’s Party said it now controls all 125 seats in the National Assembly.

As Cambodia’s Election Nears, Ruling Party Seeks to Win War for Legitimacy

Despite the absence of Cambodia’s main opposition party from Sunday’s elections, the ruling Cambodian People’s Party has not rested on its laurels, maintaining a strong presence during the campaign, both on social media and in the streets.

Cambodia Opposition Exiles Watch Their Backs

As Cambodia's election this weekend draws closer, the country's prime minister of 33 years, Hun Sen, is leaving nothing to chance.

Cambodia’s only remaining opposition commune chief vows to carry on

Da Chhean was spared from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s crackdown as he represents a small party – now he is Cambodia’s last commune chief not affiliated with the ruling party.

Friends with Benefits

For Cambodia’s prime minister of more than three decades, a blossoming alliance with China means no Western powers questioning his increasingly authoritarian rule. For China, Cambodia offers a regional voice of support for its controversial expansion in the South China Sea.

Chinese Ambassador: EU Should Not Mix Politics,Trade in Cambodia

China’s Ambassador in Phnom Penh says the European Union should not mix politics with trade as it mulls withdrawing Cambodia’s vital preferential single market access in response to the country’s autocratic backslide.

US Company: Evidence Found of Chinese Cyber Attacks on Cambodia

An American company says it found evidence that a Chinese group attacked computers belonging to people and organizations in Cambodia.

Cambodian Tax Chief Lied to Australian Corporate Regulator

The head of Cambodia’s tax department, Kong Vibol, could face jail for lying to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) if sanctioned, the corporate regulator has told VOA.

A Life Spent Striving for National Unity

Son Chhay has been a fixture in Cambodian politics since 1993. A member of the now-dissolved opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), he opted to remain when other party leaders fled the country.

Court Dismisses Charges Against Unionist Over Alleged Funeral Fund Embezzlement

A Phnom Penh court has dropped all charges against Moeun Tola, a prominent union and civil society leader, who was accused of embezzling money from the fund for the funeral of slain political commentator Kem Ley in 2016.

Analysts: More Robots, Greater Risk of Slavery in Asia

London - The rise of robots in manufacturing in Southeast Asia is likely to fuel modern slavery as workers who end up unemployed thanks to automation face abuses competing for a shrinking pool of low-paid jobs in a “race to the bottom,” analysts said Thursday.

Cambodia’s Rural/Urban Divide Defines Issues

The differences between Cambodians are growing and may play a role in the July 29 election.

Cambodia Adrift

On July 29, the Cambodian government will hold the nation’s sixth general election to elect representatives for the National Assembly.

Cambodia’s GDP Fights On Amid Calls for Boycott of Election

Yang Saing Koma has seen his party co-founder assassinated, his country’s biggest opposition party systematically dismantled and the free press obliterated in Cambodia.

CNRP Supporters to Protest Japan Support for ‘Illegitimate’ Elections

Supporters of the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party have renewed calls on Japan to end its support for July’s general election.

Cambodia’s New Online Media Directive Criticized as ‘Censorship’

A group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has criticized a Cambodian government working group set up to monitor and “control” online news.

Cambodia’s Controversial Press Guidelines Draw Concern

A new list of controversial rules for journalists covering Cambodia's upcoming elections, including a warning that the reporters should not ask detailed questions about the result, is drawing criticism from observers who say the provisions are worryingly vague and subjective

Planet-Warming Gases Make Some Food Less Nutritious, Study Says

Rising levels of planet-warming gases may reduce key nutrient levels in food crops, according to a new study.

Cambodia Polls Organizer Hails Multi-party Democracy as Registration Ends

Cambodia’s National Election Committee (NEC) on Monday hailed the prospect of multi-party democracy with the registration of 20 parties for a July general election that the main opposition party has been prevented from contesting.