Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Analysts: More Robots, Greater Risk of Slavery in Asia

London - The rise of robots in manufacturing in Southeast Asia is likely to fuel modern slavery as workers who end up unemployed thanks to automation face abuses competing for a shrinking pool of low-paid jobs in a “race to the bottom,” analysts said Thursday.

Cambodia’s Rural/Urban Divide Defines Issues

The differences between Cambodians are growing and may play a role in the July 29 election.

Cambodia Adrift

On July 29, the Cambodian government will hold the nation’s sixth general election to elect representatives for the National Assembly.

Cambodia’s GDP Fights On Amid Calls for Boycott of Election

Yang Saing Koma has seen his party co-founder assassinated, his country’s biggest opposition party systematically dismantled and the free press obliterated in Cambodia.

CNRP Supporters to Protest Japan Support for ‘Illegitimate’ Elections

Supporters of the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party have renewed calls on Japan to end its support for July’s general election.

Cambodia’s New Online Media Directive Criticized as ‘Censorship’

A group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has criticized a Cambodian government working group set up to monitor and “control” online news.

Cambodia’s Controversial Press Guidelines Draw Concern

A new list of controversial rules for journalists covering Cambodia's upcoming elections, including a warning that the reporters should not ask detailed questions about the result, is drawing criticism from observers who say the provisions are worryingly vague and subjective

Planet-Warming Gases Make Some Food Less Nutritious, Study Says

Rising levels of planet-warming gases may reduce key nutrient levels in food crops, according to a new study.

Cambodia Polls Organizer Hails Multi-party Democracy as Registration Ends

Cambodia’s National Election Committee (NEC) on Monday hailed the prospect of multi-party democracy with the registration of 20 parties for a July general election that the main opposition party has been prevented from contesting.

China-Cambodia Relations Benefit Many, Likely to Deepen, Chandler Says

David P. Chandler has written six books on the history of Cambodia, along with numerous academic articles. His first book, “A History of Cambodia,” has been translated into multiple languages, including French, Khmer and Thai.

UN Calls for Immediate Release of Jailed Former Cambodia Opposition Leader

There are concerns for Kem Sokha’s health after he suffered a damaged shoulder, high blood pressure, and hyperglycemia.

Four Chinese Nationals for Alleged ‘Drilling’ at Angkor War Complex

The body that oversees the ancient Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia has said it detained four Chinese nationals this week for alleged drilling at the site.

As China’s Influence Grows in Cambodia, Analysts Urge Caution

Hun Sen defended the country relationship with China, saying other countries were “jealous” of Beijing’s rise.

Minor Opposition Parties Divided Ahead of Election

Two minor political parties set to contest in July’s general election have condemned the former opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, for “devaluing political rights and people’s rights”.

Bootleg Liquor, Not Water, Killed Cambodian Villagers

A senior Cambodian health official says 14 villagers whose sudden deaths were thought to have been caused by polluted water actually died from drinking rice wine containing methanol.

Officials Tell ASEAN to Do More to Ensure Market Access for US Companies

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) remains an important trading partner for the United States, but more should be done to ensure US companies can access Southeast Asian markets, officials said.

Chanda Choun Chose Arlington, Wants Its Voters to Choose Him

Located just outside Washington, Arlington County, Virginia, is one of the richest, most educated and mostly white counties in the United States. It didn’t matter to Cambodian-American Chanda Choun that less than 11 percent of the population is Asian. When a seat opened on the Arlington County Board after the November 2017 election, he decided to run.

Former Judge Sees Success in Khmer Rouge Tribunal

A UN-sponsored Khmer Rouge tribunal in Cambodia is currently trying two surviving former Khmer Rouge leaders, Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea. Marcel Lemonde, who served as the International Co-Investigating Judge at the tribunal from 2006 to 2010, sat down in April 2018 for an interview with VOA Khmer reporter Men Kimseng in Paris, France.

Farmers Encouraged to Use State Food Safety Screening Lab

A recent decree stated that the new control measures were intended to protect public health and promote better export-quality goods.

As Cambodia Marks Press Freedom Day, Journalists Fear Increasing Restrictions

Cambodia is placed 142nd out of 180 countries in this year’s World Press Freedom Index.