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International Law Firm Sees Market for Second Citizenship

What do you get the Cambodian who has everything? Big house. Fancy car. A few million dollars in the bank?

Demining Operator Opens Peace Museum

The government’s main demining operator will open a 2-hectare landmine museum at an undisclosed cost in Siem Reap City today, at a time when the government is struggling to attract donors for mine clearance work that is well behind schedule.

A Year to Elections, CNRP’s Sun TV Still a Dream

It was supposed to be the opposition’s information pipeline to the heartland, an unfiltered channel—available 24/7—into the homes of rural Cambodians who still got most of their news from a television landscape dominated by the long-ruling CPP. The CNRP would call it Sun TV, a hopeful reflection of the rising sun in the party’s logo.

Government Probes NGO Behind Damning Timber Racket Report

More than a month after confirming its investigation into new reports of rampant timber trafficking between Cambodia and Vietnam, the Environment Ministry remains tight-lipped about what—if any—progress it is making, but says the U.K. NGO that exposed the scale of the problem is itself being scrutinized.

US Brands Object to Draft Wage, Dispute Settlement Laws

A group representing some of the largest apparel brands in the U.S., including Gap and Levi Strauss, are urging Prime Minister Hun Sen to reconsider controversial provisions in a pair of draft laws on wages and labor disputes.

Report Finds Major Flaws With Malaysian Maids Ban

A new report on government restrictions on labor migration says Cambodia’s 2011 ban on sending maids to Malaysia may not have dented the traffic and possibly put the women at even greater risk of abuse.

CPP Election Loser Salaries May Cost Millions

After this month’s commune elections, the long-ruling CPP will be losing more than hundreds of incumbent councilors across the country. Thanks to its pre-election promises, the party—and possibly the government itself—will also start hemorrhaging millions of extra dollars.

2011 Ban on Maids Working in Malaysia Lifted Months Ago

The government lifted a 2011 ban on sending Cambodian maids to Malaysia in January, according to a directive Prime Minister Hun Sen signed late last year, contradicting months of government denials.

Independent Observers Complain About Pre-Vote Conditions

A day removed from Sunday’s commune elections, independent observers remained mostly positive about polling day but, troubled more by the conditions leading up to the day itself, refrained from declaring the elections free and fair.

Independent Observers Say ‘Smooth’ Vote Still Marred by Problems

Independent election observers praised Sunday’s running of the nationwide commune elections as largely smooth and peaceful, even while noting a raft of problems, including unauthorized officials at polling sites, intimidated observers and soldiers being brought to vote at some polling stations by the truckload.

Sunday’s Vote to Set Stage for 2018 National Election

Different dynamics play out in local and national elections affecting who votes, and how. And a lot can happen in a year.

Garment Industry Facing Subcontracting Threat: ILO

Cambodia’s garment factories appear to be ramping up their use of subcontractors, which tend to get the least attention from regulators and raise the most fears of abuse among labor rights groups, according to a report released on Monday.

Parties Battle for Lonely Ratanakkiri Commune

In the 2012 commune elections, all but one of the province’s 50 communes went to the ruling party, almost all by a landslide. All but Pate. Of the 581 ballots its voters cast that year, the Sam Rainsy Party—led at the time by former Finance Minister-turned-staunch government critic Sam Rainsy—won 57 percent.

Vietnamese Minister Will Investigate Illegal Timber Trade Reports

A Vietnamese agriculture official has started an investigation into allegations of industrial-scale timber trafficking from Cambodia’s Ratanakkiri province, according to an official from the E.U., which has struck a deal requiring Vietnam’s wood exports to be legally sourced.

NGO Publishes More Evidence of Illegal Logging Operation

The U.K. NGO that last week exposed a major new timber trafficking operation between Cambodia and Vietnam has released more evidence in hopes of supporting Phnom Penh’s investigation into its claims, including invoices from Cambodia-based companies breaking the country’s timber export ban.

Government Investigates Vietnamese Logging Operation

Environment Minister Say Sam Al on Sunday said the government was investigating fresh evidence of industrial-scale illegal logging by Vietnamese companies in northeastern Cambodia and had already been probing related reports for the past year.

Customs Data Shows Banned Timber Exports Still Growing

New customs data from Vietnam shows that Cambodian timber exports to the country continued to rise in the first quarter of the year, despite an official ban on the trade.

Probe Finds Rampant Log Smuggling to Vietnam

Corruption in Cambodia and demand in Vietnam have in recent months fueled illegal logging at “unprecedented scales” in the protected forests of Ratanakkiri province, according to a new report using undercover investigators.

Satellite Spies Fresh Clearing Of Wildlife Sanctuary Forest

A new satellite image of central Cambodia shows continued clear-cutting of thousands of hectares of healthy forest inside one of the country’s protected areas, five years after the government announced a major crackdown on such logging by rubber plantations.

CNRP Bylaws Accepted, but Vice Presidents Still Pending

After repeatedly rejecting the opposition CNRP’s amended bylaws for the past two months, the Interior Ministry on Wednesday finally accepted the changes, though it has yet to sign off on the party’s new vice presidents.