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Kampot Writers Festival Returns With Emphasis on Listening

As it opens for its second year today, the Kampot Writers and Readers Festival will try to dig its roots into the sleepy riverside town, divine its culture and expand its impact on Cambodia’s literary scene.

Shakespeare Meets Khmer at Phnom Penh Music Festival

The International Music Festival, which opens tonight in Phnom Penh, will this year be filled with the songs, poems and gentle melodies played on instruments that charmed royals and street vendors alike four centuries ago in Europe—but with a Cambodian-inspired twist.

Historian Discusses Communist Policies of Terror and Control

French historian and editor of “The Black Book of Communism,” Stephane Courtois discusses terror as a government tool.

Artist Reflects on Cambodia’s Modern History in Mixed-Media Works

If one were to capture, in a collection of images, what Cambodia has gone through over the past 50 years, it would look something like Leang Seckon’s latest series, which opens on Monday night at Java Cafe in Phnom Penh.

‘Decomposition’ Unearths the Cycle of Life, Decay and Rebirth

The title of Yim Maline’s latest series of artworks may be misleading, as the word “decomposition” doesn’t usually evoke beauty. But the pieces in her exhibition, opening tonight at Phnom Penh gallery Sa Sa Bassac, are stunning.

In New Exhibition on Khmer Rouge, Devil Is in the Details

This year, the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center will focus on the details of Pol Pot’s labor camps to mark Unesco’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, which will be celebrated around the world on Thursday.

Half-Built Dreams Languish in ‘Diamond Island’

Director Davy Chou’s feature film debut, “Diamond Island,” chronicles the lives of young men who perform grueling work on Phnom Penh’s Koh Pich—by day, a construction site sprouting 40-story luxury condominiums, and by night, the premier mingling spot for the capital’s young, lovestruck and restless.

Animated Film Festival to Showcase Foreign, Local Work

Animation is not a technique for commitment-phobes. With affordable software available on the internet, dabblers can easily pick up the basics—but mastering the required skills takes complete dedication.

Reopened Battambang Gallery Shows Ordinary People at Work

The Maek Make Art Space, closed for two years as its artist-manager pursued an art residency in Thailand, has reopened this month in Battambang City with a renovated space and an exhibition that reflects a new approach to presenting Cambodian talent.

Architecture Students Imagine Future in ‘City of Memory’

Classic buildings are more than just landmarks to Silas Everett, country representative for The Asia Foundation. They are physical embodiments of culture, time and place.

Documentary Paints Moving Portrait of ‘Killing Fields’ Star

Despite leaving a few stones unturned, Arthur Dong’s unique blend of animation and rare archival footage more than does justice to one of Cambodia’s greatest sons.

Sketches Show Process Behind Artist’s Memorial

Sera's research led to the publication of three graphic novels covering the civil war of the early 1970s, the Khmer Rouge regime and its aftermath. His most ambitious work will be released early next year.

Farm Tech

Innovators and entrepreneurs team up to build better rodent traps—and other tools—for Cambodia’s small-scale farmers. But will they catch on?

Cafe Cultivates a Playful, Thoughtful Space for Young Artists

Four years after hatching an idea to nurture and preserve Cambodian culture through a coffee shop, Sakada Sam opened K.E Cafe and Lounge in Phnom Penh with the tagline “Coffee with memory.”

History on the Rocks

A remote cave’s cherished ancient paintings withstand the elements, but face an uncertain future.

A Modern Prayer Echoed on Angkor’s Walls

One of the first Khmer poems to be inscribed in stone—an ode to the Buddha’s enlightenment carved into the walls of Angkor Wat in 1702—it turns out, contains snippets of a traditional prayer, the “Lotus Flower Offer­ing,” which is still sung in Cambodia today.

Looking at Angkor Through an Artist’s Archives

The exhibition “The Singapore Art Archive Project”, organized by a group of museum curators, includes a vast array of materials, ranging from magazine articles on Southeast Asian arts in the early 1960s to photographs of Cambodian villages.

Artist Explores Human Nature in Series of Nude Paintings

About five years ago, Cambodian artist Heng Ravuth embarked on a journey—exploring human nature through the naked body.

The Peacemaker

War destroyed Chea Vannath’s world. Then, through faith, she redefined her future.

Composer Seeks to Merge Western, Khmer Musical Traditions

Chinary Ung is one of the foremost contemporary composers in the U.S. He also happens to be a Cambodian-American with a passion for encouraging the development of links between Western and Khmer music.