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Cambodian villagers organize traditional ox-cart racing to celebrate Khmer New Year

Cambodian villagers on Sunday organized a traditional ox-cart racing here to celebrate the Khmer New Year, which will start from April 14 to 16.

In US, Traditional Khmer Dance Unites Cambodian-American Community

For nearly 40 years, a Cambodian-American couple have been preserving a unique traditional dance in the Washington D.C. area in an effort to present what they regard as their native "invaluable asset" and bring together the Cambodian-American community in the U.S. VOA Khmer’s Say Mony reports.

Agro-tourism takes visitors back to a bygone era in Cambodian history

An agro-tourism site in Siem Reap city is aiming to take tourists back in history by allowing them to visit one of the dwindling traditional Cambodian domestic farms and experience how much of the Kingdom once lived.

Cambodia art journey reflects the nation’s modern hope

Lauren Iida, an accomplished Seattle artist, creates spaces and opportunities for Cambodian artists to train and excel. She is the founder of Open Studio Cambodia, a fledgling art center in Kampot, the small coastal city south of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital.

On tuk-tuks to temples and tombs in Cambodia

As tragic as it is otherworldly, Cambodia is a destination for the truly curious traveller.

Margaux Senlis photographs the effects of unexploded ordnance in Vietnam, Cambodia...

“I used to love looking at old family pictures trying to imagine all the stories behind them,” says Paris-born photographer Margaux Senlis. “Then, I got my first camera at ten years old and haven’t stopped making images since.”

New Year in Southeast Asia: how to join the party in...

Water fights, processions, traditional dishes, games and dancing – where to join in the solar New Year fun in three countries in Southeast Asia.

Cuisine Wat Damnak, Cambodia’s best restaurant: How Joannes Riviere transformed local...

When he was growing up in France's Loire Valley, Christmas dinners at Joannes Riviere's place were a little unusual.

Changing Tracks 2019: Men

I was only a baby when my family and I boarded the small leaky boat, bound for who knows where.

The bloody worldwide legacy of China’s Great Helmsman

Mao Zedong’s ideology inspired murderous fanatics across the developing world.

At this Cambodian restaurant in Phoenix, fresh flavors are the secret...

The Killer Dish: A regular installment in which our dining critic examines an outstanding local dish — its history, who created it, how it's made and what makes it special.

Artist depicts women’s struggle on canvas in Nude exhibition

A painting depicting a woman sitting nude, vulnerably poised among blossoming sunflowers is just one piece in a new exhibition entitled Nude, looking to shed light on the vulnerability and gender inequality still experienced by many Cambodian women.

Running among the ruins: seeing Cambodia at a trot

A dawn jog around the magnificent temples of Angkor is the perfect way to meet an ancient country with deep roots.

“Funan” opens 18th edition of FICAM

Meknes international festival of animated cinema honours iconic French producer Didier Brunner, pays tribute to legendary Japanese anime filmmaker Isao Takahata.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Review: ‘Cambodian Rock Band’ an instant classic

“Cambodian Rock Band” is a straight-up masterpiece that brings to the forefront a story that needs to be told

SBS licences documentary which commemorates Pol Pot victims

Director-producer Aviva Ziegler’s feature documentary Wandering Souls will screen on SBS and at Australian and international film festivals following the world premiere last week at the Cambodia International Film Festival.

Panel Discusses the Role of Arts in Post-Conflict Healing Process

The discussion also marked the opening of an exhibition, “Four decades since the fall of the Khmer Rouge.”

Why South Cambodia’s Lush Private Islands and Luxurious Jungle Camps Should...

As an optimistic young generation strives to move on from decades of genocide and civil war, a new swath of this this bewitching Southeast Asian kingdom is opening up. Charles Graeber, who first traveled to Cambodia in the 1990s, discovers a new side of the south.

An island idyll in Cambodia – and five other less travelled...

From sunsets in Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia, to Yakushima in Japan and its magical forests, adventurous travellers can still discover serenity.

‘The Torment of Ghost’: Film Review | Filmart 2019

Huy Yaleng's horror movie charts a criminal tycoon's downfall as he struggles with nightmares in which he is tortured by a former Khmer Rouge cadre.