Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Election Observers

America may be divided, but in Cambodia, Hillary trumps Trump.

Keeping Vigil

A group of young analysts aims to pick up where Kem Ley left off.

The Peacemaker

War destroyed Chea Vannath’s world. Then, through faith, she redefined her future.

The Cycle of Rice: Urban Traders

For nearly three decades, a block in Phnom Penh has served as a distribution hub for the rice that feeds the city.

Kem Ley’s Final Fables

In the two weeks before political analyst Kem Ley was shot dead in a gas station convenience store last weekend, he posted 19 political “jokes” to his Facebook page, having announced plans to write 99 and then publish them in a book at the end of this year.

Risqué Business

On a street lined with girlie bars, Phnom Penh’s first Hooters stands apart in orange hot pants.

Going Native

Finally released in English, a 1928 novel depicting life in Cambodia continues to reflect the expatriate experience.

Follow the Money

A surge in U.S. aid is helping Cambodia scale up work to rid its eastern provinces of the deadly detritus of old wars. With other countries pulling funding, deminers are leaving the west—where death and injury from old landmines and artillery shells are far more common—to do it. The consequences could be fatal.

Factions or Fiction?

Nuon Chea argues that many Khmer Rouge atrocities were carried out by powerful—and autonomous—regional leaders. But others say the regime was centrally controlled to the end.

The Cycle of Rice: Life After Death

In Kampot province, residents who built a reservoir under the Khmer Rouge are still using it—for their own farms. This is the tenth in a 12-part series on Cambodia’s rice cycle, to be published monthly.

Seeking Solace

Soewin Sabirahmad opened the door to his tiny concrete home and looked at a litter of cats curled up on the tiled floor, their sleepy eyes blinking back at him. “This is my family,” he said, dropping his camouflage backpack against a wall and sitting on the floor, where he picked up a ginger kitten.

Warrior Spirit

For centuries, the lives of villagers in a central pocket of Pursat province have been filled with the presence of an all-powerful spirit named Khleang Moeung. In school, students learn that he was a military commander who fought and defeated the Siamese army toward the 16th century.

Flying High

Two young circus artists from Battambang are taking the world stage.

The Cycle of Rice: Waiting for Rain

The worst drought in decades is choking the country, and single-crop rice farmers are hurting the most. This is the ninth in a 12-part series on Cambodia’s rice cycle, to be published monthly.

Foreign Affairs

Failed by an underperforming university system at home, Cambodian students are finding adventure, perspective—and parties—abroad.

Ancient Secrets

A temple complex in Preah Vihear province is one of the largest structures of its kind, but experts are only beginning to figure out why it exists, how it faded into the jungle, and what to do with it now.

Forbidden Thoughts

When the Khmer Rouge held power, a handful of Western supporters toured communist Cambodia and sang its praises.

The Cycle of Rice: Trial & Error

In testing fields on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, researchers are trying to cultivate rice that can handle the heat. This is the eighth in a 12-part series on Cambodia’s annual rice cycle, to be published monthly.

Visual Assault

Street artists from around the world come together to turn Phnom Penh’s Institut Francais into an aesthetic explosion.

‘Sometimes They Burn The Whole Village’

In apparent violation of the Leahy Law, the U.S. provided training to alleged human rights abusers in Cambodia.


Latest Headlines

Big Drop Reported in Child Labor in Cambodia Fashion Factories

While the United Nations says child labor has fallen sharply in Cambodia's garment factories, many informal subcontractors using children are escaping scrutiny, activists said Tuesday. 

Truth under fire

On Human Rights Day, writers, journalists, and other defenders of the truth took center stage.

Super Ships