Angkor Wat Is Great and All, But It’s Time to Give Siem Reap Its...

The famous jungle ruins may be Cambodia’s crown jewel, but there’s more to take in now at this tourist town, as artists, chefs, and eco-conscious hoteliers reshape its identity.

River cruising Vietnam and Cambodia: Phnom Penh’s end-of-monsoon celebrations are spectacular

Bang. Boom. Bang. Whoosh, Bang. Boom. Whoosh. Bang. Sharp, loud noises of a violent nature seem to be emerging from nowhere. It's the sort of stuff the vigilant, tremulous international traveller does not need to hear when in foreign climes in 2019.

Is this really Cambodia? Pine-clad national park is a dream for hikers and mountain...

Kirirom National Park, with its high elevation, lower temperatures and sun-kissed pine forests, is quite the contrast to the rest of Cambodia.

Agro-tourism takes visitors back to a bygone era in Cambodian history

An agro-tourism site in Siem Reap city is aiming to take tourists back in history by allowing them to visit one of the dwindling traditional Cambodian domestic farms and experience how much of the Kingdom once lived.

On tuk-tuks to temples and tombs in Cambodia

As tragic as it is otherworldly, Cambodia is a destination for the truly curious traveller.

Running among the ruins: seeing Cambodia at a trot

A dawn jog around the magnificent temples of Angkor is the perfect way to meet an ancient country with deep roots.

Why South Cambodia’s Lush Private Islands and Luxurious Jungle Camps Should Be A Part...

As an optimistic young generation strives to move on from decades of genocide and civil war, a new swath of this this bewitching Southeast Asian kingdom is opening up. Charles Graeber, who first traveled to Cambodia in the 1990s, discovers a new side of the south.

An island idyll in Cambodia – and five other less travelled islands in Asia...

From sunsets in Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia, to Yakushima in Japan and its magical forests, adventurous travellers can still discover serenity.

12 of the best things to do in Cambodia and Vietnam

From watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat to cruising the Mekong River, here's how to cover the best bits of Cambodia and Vietnam.

24 hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

From Phnom Penh's best museums and galleries, to the top things to see, do and buy – here's how to spend your first 24 hours in the Cambodian capital.

Cambodia up close: River cruise on the Mekong

“Life is not staying still,” Vuthy spoke softly to me, like a kind older brother. “It is moving from one place to the next.”

Finally, Cambodia turns single and proud as a destination

Cambodia is shaking off its image as an add-on destination and is showing signs of becoming a standalone spot with European holidaymakers, claim the country’s tourism players.

Want To Visit A New Historical Asian Landmark? Choose Cambodia’s Anglong Veng

Since the very first day that the Cambodian government opened Anlong Veng, a district in Oddar Meanchey that lies on Vietnam's border, to the public, more and more tourists are getting attracted to the place.

Cambodia to label major attractions ‘Supreme Tourism Sites’

The Cambodian government is pushing for the development and investment into special tourism sites as it will contribute to the Kingdom’s economic development, a Sub-decree designating “Supreme Tourism Sites” said.

A Design Lover’s Guide to Cambodia and Laos

The neighboring Southeast Asian countries offer untold riches when it comes to art, architecture, and culture.

Welcome to my place … Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dubliner Robina Hanley shares her tips for visiting Ankor Wat and finding a great Khmer curry.

Traveller with confirmed case of measles passed through Pearson airport

A traveller with a confirmed case of measles passed through Pearson Airport on Feb 22., according to Niagara Region Public Health. The health agency says the person contacted the infection while traveling in Cambodia and China before returning to Toronto.

Angkor Wat, a major money spinner in Cambodia

Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia continues to generate the bulk of tourism revenue for the country from its ticket sales, despite a hike in admission fee, as foreigners marvel at the iconic temple.

How to see the secret side of the Mekong

Dawn on the Mekong. The whoop of a black-hooded laughing thrush serves as a wake-up call.

A return to Cambodia’s Koh Russey island

Rosemary Behan returns to the country and finds that much has changed in the decade since her last visit.


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