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Montagnards’ Deportation Sparks Fears about Safety

After four Montagnard asylum-seekers were deported from Cambodia to Vietnam, remaining refugees are concerned about persecution in their country of origin if they are forced to return.

Cambodia Rejects Suspicions Reversal on US Base Upgrade Signals Plans to Host Chinese Military...

Cambodia’s Minister of Defense Tea Banh on Monday dismissed suspicions that his government had reneged on accepting an offer from the U.S. to upgrade buildings at a naval base in Preah Sihanouk province because it plans to host Chinese military assets at the site.

Singapore man caught with drugs at Vietnam-Cambodia border

A 39-year-old Singaporean man was arrested last Saturday at the border of Vietnam and Cambodia for allegedly transporting 10kg of crystal meth, also known as Ice.

The Chinese resort in Cambodia that can overnight be turned into a naval base

Amid increasing military ties between China & Cambodia, US Vice-President Mike Pence has raised concerns that these facilities could be put to naval use.

Train service from Bangkok to Thailand-Cambodia border resumes

Train service between Thailand's capital Bangkok to the Baan Khlong Luek station bordering Cambodia started running on Monday.

Activists: Discrimination Causes Unemployment for Cambodia’s LGBTQI

The group said many of their members face on-going discrimination at workplaces and will lose their jobs immediately once they are discovered to be LGBTQI.

Conference promotes cooperation to protect Mekong River

A conference on how to enhance cooperation in protecting the Mekong River via smarter water energy planning approaches and wide application of renewable energy throughout the Mekong region was held in Hanoi on June 28.

Writing history in Vietnam

I arrived in Hanoi for the first time on 2nd December 1978 to replace Chris Ray as an English-language specialist at the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) working on the daily English news bulletin.

Cambodia Promotes Former Governor of Sihanoukville Who Resigned Over Fatal Building Collapse

Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni on Thursday appointed the former governor of Preah Sihanouk province as secretary of state to the Ministry of National Defense, days after he resigned over a fatal building collapse, drawing condemnation from observers who called the promotion a “slap in the face.”

After Cambodia’s Building Collapse, More Construction Sites Found “Without License”

The collapse has drawn concerns from locals and construction workers in Sihanoukville’s dramatic but pell-mell economic growth.

US urges Cambodia to help stop firms using special economic zone to evade China...

American embassy in Phnom Penh says companies have been caught using the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone to export goods that originated in China.

Australia gave a former Nauru detainee $98,000 to settle in Cambodia. He says that’s...

A refugee who previously said Australia abandoned him in Cambodia now acknowledges he received a lump sum of $38,000 for the education and health insurance of his children, on top of $60,000 in previous payments.

No room on water, no home on land for Cambodia’s ethnic Vietnamese

Troung Van Long is Vietnamese in name only. He was born in Cambodia and has lived there for decades, including many years in a floating house on the Tonle Sap lake where he still lives.

63 telecom fraud suspects brought back to China from Cambodia

A total of 63 telecom and Internet fraud suspects were brought back from Cambodia to southwestern China's Chongqing Municipality Wednesday, local authorities said Thursday.

Cambodia sees rise in dengue fever cases

Cambodia reported 13,000 cases of dengue fever from January to June 24, about five-fold rise over the same period last year, Huy Rekol, director of the National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control, said on Thursday.

How Cambodian workers risk their lives in China-funded construction boom, toiling for $13.50 a...

When Sam Sok took a US$6-a-day (S$8.15) job as a construction labourer in Sihanoukville she knew it could be dangerous, but the deaths of 28 workers in a building collapse - with her nephew among the missing - have laid bare the risks many like her face to earn a living.

Cambodian man undergoes heart surgery at Ramesh Hosptials 

Doctors at Ramesh Hospitals, Vijayawada have successfully carried out intra-cardiac repair on a 50-year old Cambodian national Chiya Sambat and helped him fully recover.

Cambodian Court Sentences Documentary Fixer to Two Years in Prison For ‘Incitement’

A court in Cambodia on Wednesday sentenced a Cambodian fixer for Russian state-owned TV network RT to two years in prison and a fine of 70 million riels (U.S. $17,200) for “incitement,” drawing scorn from rights groups and his family, who said he never should have been arrested to begin with.

At Least Five Illegal Projects Uncovered in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Following Fatal Building Collapse

A new committee tasked with inspecting construction permits in Preah Sihanouk province in the wake of a fatal building collapse over the weekend has already found five illegally operating projects, Cambodia’s Interior Minister Sar Kheng said Wednesday.

Collapsed dreams: Cambodia construction workers risk lives for ‘riches’

The work is mostly unregulated, low paid, often dangerous - and sometimes deadly.


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