Ministry to Survey Gap Between University, Jobs

The Ministry of Education is preparing to distribute questionnaires nationwide to assess the gap between the job market and subjects being studied by university students. 

“The research will focus on the job market and how it is re­sponding to the skills and know­ledge that students learn,” according to a draft version of the questionnaire.

As Cambodia’s economy develops, employers have complained that there are too many graduates in subjects such as management and business, and not enough in areas such as engineering, agriculture and vocational skills such as mechanics.

The questionnaire will ask students to provide information on their university course, their ideal job, how well they believe their studies have prepared them for finding employment and their level of confidence in finding desirable work after graduation.

“It’s very well recognized, not only in Cambodia but more broadly, that schools need to better align with the job market and industry needs,” said Sandra D’amico, managing director of HR Inc., a local recruitment firm.

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