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Vietnam War veterans share story of survival

It was in July of 1972 when Colonel Dave Johnson and five other soldiers were shot down from their helicopter.

Up to 26 storms forecast for Cambodia’s rainy season, five or six to overflow 

A spokesman for Cambodia's Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology said on Tuesday that there will be up to 26 storms this rainy season, but of those, only five or six will cause the Mekong river to overflow or result in general flooding.

Thai Army assists with removal of Cambodian border mines

The Royal Thai Army has helped its Cambodian counterparts clear landmines along the Sa Kaew border in Thailand’s east. Together they’ve cleared around 1.72 million square metres in the past financial year.

Using tech innovation to tackle Cambodia’s rampant road deaths

Cutting corners, rampant phone use, speeding and driving through red lights – these are just some of the reasons why driving in Phnom Penh can often feel like a city-wide game of dodgems.

Growing Numbers of Chinese Workers Drive Up Housing Costs in Cambodia’s Sihanoukville

A steady climb in the number of Chinese nationals moving to Cambodia’s Sihanoukville over the last two years has driven up housing costs in the southwestern coastal province, leaving many Cambodian workers struggling to make ends meet while property owners profit from the increase in rents, sources say.

‘Laundering more pressing than EBA’

Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng said the loss of the EU’s Everything But Arms (EBA) trade preferences would affect Cambodia to some extent, but it would also give the Kingdom the opportunity to strengthen itself. He said the Kingdom should instead address money laundering.

Horrific accident puts Cambodia’s poor travel conditions for garment workers in spotlight

Five female garment factory workers had their arms severed clean off as they were commuting to work in an overloaded open-back truck.

EIB to finance safe drinking water in Cambodia

The European Investment Bank signed a new €85.9 million loan with the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority to improve drinking water supply in and around the capital of Cambodia.

Better Health for All Cambodians: Supporting Communities and Health Centers

Each year, the Health Equity Fund supports free access to over 2 million outpatient visits and over 100,000 hospital admissions for the poorest people in Cambodia.

Cambodia: 12 Chinese Nationals Arrested For Kidnapping Over Unpaid Gambling Loan

12 Chinese men have been arrested in Poipet town in Cambodia. The Chinese nationals were arrested over charges of kidnapping three people after they failed to pay gambling loans. Those kidnapped were also from China.

Grand epic show “Angkor Dynasty” unveils true history of building Cambodia’s famed Angkor

Performed by more than 100 well-trained Cambodian artists, "Angkor Dynasty," a grand epic show, takes audience on a journey to Cambodia's ancient history in building Angkor, a world heritage site.

LYP Group building $55m Angkor Water Park in Cambodia

LYP Group is building a water park in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The development, known as Angkor Water Park, will cost an estimated $55 million.

Kenneth Quinn: From Cambodia’s ‘killing fields’ to Iowa’s Field of Dreams

World Food Prize president reflects on 'very unusual' career.

Chinese investors shine in Asian realty

China-dominant investment in property spreads across the region, transforming  the look and affordability of cities.

Former Garbage Dump Worker Receives Full Scholarship to University of Melbourne

Rags to riches stories are almost always good to hear and read about.

Vietnam border guard opens fire on colleagues before committing suicide

A Vietnamese border guard open fire and injured three people at his patrol station before killing himself on Saturday (June 15), state media reported in the communist country where gun violence is extremely rare.

At Cambodia Town vigil for slain mother, mourners seek to end silence about domestic...

Sena Khim was in the middle of setting her life in place to be a good example for her eight children when she was killed last month in Long Beach.

Spectre of debt leaves migrant workers ill at ease 

The International Day of Family Remittances -- celebrated on the 16th of June each year -- recognises the efforts of 200 million migrants across the world who send home billions of dollars which sustains 800 million people in their home countries.

48 eggs of rare Siamese crocodile found in SW Cambodian

Two nests with 48 eggs of the critically endangered Siamese crocodile have been found at two wetlands in the Sre Ambel River in southwestern Cambodia's Koh Kong province, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) said in a news release on Friday.

‘These children need to be loved’: Geraldine Cox on staring down her darkest days

She has run orphanages in Cambodia for decades, against huge odds. But in 2017, the Australian known as Big Mum faced her greatest fear – having to close down her operation.


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Rescuers find two alive in collapsed building in Cambodia

Rescuers found two survivors in the rubble of a building that collapsed two days earlier while under construction in a Cambodian beach town, killing 28 workers and injuring 26 others as they slept in the unfinished condominium that doubled as their housing.