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Officials Tight-Lipped After Immigration Visit

Government and refugee officials were tight-lipped Friday after closed-door talks in Phnom Penh between Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and Cambodian Interior Minister Sar Kheng on Thursday.

Compensation Demanded For 5 Killed in Blast

Cambodia asked Thailand Friday to compensate the families of five Cambodians killed when a World War II bomb exploded in a scrap metal shop in Bangkok.

Capturing Corruption in Modern Cambodia

Towering temples and graceful apsaras are missing from a new Cambodia-themed photo show. Instead, camera lenses focused on corruption.

Families Locked In Seven-Year Land Dispute Accept Cash

After a seven-year land battle with a company owned by the wife of a senior government official, 38 families accepted money Friday in Kompong Chhnang province, effectively ending a dispute over 145 hectares.

CNRP Lawmaker-Elect Removed From Freedom Park Again

Capping off a week of unsuccessful challenges to arbitrary laws that prevent people from attempting to protest in Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park, opposition CNRP lawmaker-elect Mu Sochua was on Friday forcibly removed from the area for the fourth time.

Gov’t Denies Selling Ship Registry

A government spokesman on Friday threatened legal action over a Cambodia Daily report written in November that told how the rights to register foreign ships under the Cambodian flag were sold to a South Korean company.

Demining Divers Receive New Equipment

Nine Cambodian divers are in the final phase of training, preparing to dive in pitch-black water to recover ordnance buried in river mud for as long as half a century.

Labor Activists Call Out Nike, Adidas, Puma Over Faintings

A local human rights group with strong international ties called Friday on Adidas, Nike and Puma to take accountability for recent mass faintings in Phnom Penh factories that produce their sportswear.

Education Is the Answer to Society’s Greatest Challenges

With reference to the recently released Limbo on Earth: The Situation of Stateless Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia. A Case Study from Kampong Chhnang, by the Minority Rights Organization (“Lack of ID ‘Root Cause’ of Ethnic Vietnamese Problems,” March 19, 2014), the lack of access to education is highlighted.

Former RCAF Soldier Jailed For Running Cockfighting Ring

A former Royal Cambodian Armed Forces soldier charged with running an illegal cockfighting and gambling ring was Thursday sentenced to one year in prison by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Sochua Ejected From Park for Third Straight Day

Police pushed Mu Sochua, a senior member of the opposition CNRP, out of Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park for the third time in three days Thursday.

Teachers Deserve Better Pay Than a Few Bags of Rice

Two weeks ago, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen highlighted the nation’s wage inequalities and stated that current teachers should be grateful for their current situation in comparison to their counterparts back in the Khmer Rouge era, 35 years ago. But last week, speaking at a graduation ceremony, he stressed the need to boost education in the country. He either needs to find a new speech writer—I am desperately looking for an internship—or his stunt double seriously messed up. Nonetheless, the reluctance to provide resources for this domain puts in the limelight at least two political practices.

Sorya Drivers Take Bus Keys, Go on Strike

With a week to go before Khmer New Year, about 80 drivers from the Phnom Penh Sorya Transportation company Thursday took the keys to their buses and went on strike for higher wages, forcing the firm to scramble to find replacement drivers and vehicles.

Preah Vihear Governor to Close NGO Office for Inciting Workers

Preah Vihear provincial governor Oum Mara has sent a letter to inform Interior Minister Sar Kheng that he is ordering an NGO to close its local offices, on the grounds that the organization is inciting villagers to destroy sugarcane farmed by a Chinese company.

Vigilante Takeo Farmers Kill Suspected Robber

A vigilante mob of villagers in Takeo province killed a man suspected of robbing a high school student’s motorbike at gunpoint.

More Than 100 Workers Faint at Shenzhou Garment Factory

More than 100 workers of Shenzhou garment factory in Phnom Penh fainted Thursday, one day after a similar mass fainting at the same factory.

Fifteen North Koreans Arrested in Online Gambling Ring

Fifteen North Korean nationals on Thursday were arrested for allegedly running an illegal online gambling operation in Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kok district, police said.

Australian Immigration Minister Meets Officials

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison was in Phnom Penh on Thursday to meet with unnamed Cambodian government officials, Australian media reported.

Google Offers Virtual Tour of Angkor Temples

Internet giant Google on Thursday launched an online interactive map of Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, allowing users to explore the park’s more than 100 temples, including Angkor Wat, through 360-degree digital imagery.

Villagers Say Pailin Governor Gave Orders to Clear Land in 1999

A villager involved in a dispute over 684 hectares of land with Pailin provincial governor Y Chhien claimed Thursday that in 1999 Mr. Chhien and a senior military officer distributed axes and farm tools to the families now on the land.


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