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Teen experiences the good of social media

A video posted online featuring a Cambodian 14-year-old who can speak 16 languages has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the boy and his family.

Lawyer for Khmer Rouge’s Nuon Chea was practising illegally, says Cambodian bar association, casting...

Victor Koppe is dismissed by a UN-backed tribunal in Cambodia after the bar association reports he was unregistered as a lawyer in the Netherlands in 2016.

How China’s massive gender imbalance is driving a surge in Southeast Asian women being...

Beijing’s decades-long one-child policy has left a shortfall of nearly 33 million women in China, with the same number of men facing life on the shelf.

Cambodian internet sensation and his mum contemplate the big time after video goes viral

Fourteen-year-old who was videoed speaking multiple languages at Angkor temples is on his first trip to the Cambodian capital, to get a passport.

Cambodian workers weigh the cost of EU’s stand on human rights

The European Union is planning to end its special trade status with Cambodia over human rights abuses in the garment and sugar industries. That would be a double-edged sword for Cambodian workers.

Cambodian women who flouted archaic rules are now role models promoting gender equality

Generations of rural Cambodian girls were taught traditional rules for how to be a ‘proper woman’, dutiful wife and home maker. Some rebelled, determined to carve their own paths.

Beyond Angkor Wat: get out into the country, see real Cambodia and spread the...

Angkor is Cambodia’s tourist cash cow, but there is much more to see than the temples.

Death on the hippy trail: from the pristine beaches of Malaysia to the Killing...

In 1978, three young men sailing through Southeast Asia strayed into Cambodian waters and were captured by the Khmer Rouge. Four decades later, the unthinkable atrocity that unfolded has left surviving family still struggling to forgive.

All you need to know about Cambodia’s Water Festival, from its history to the...

Also known as Bon Om Touk, the annual event is one of the country’s biggest celebrations drawing more than one million Cambodians from the provinces to the capital for three days of boat racing and other festivities

6 ways to live the lavish life in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Today’s moneyed elites can enjoy luxury pastimes fit for royalty in this town that serves as a gateway to Angkor Wat, seat of the Khmer kingdom.

What to eat in Siem Reap: 5 Cambodian dishes to try on your travels

Explore the local Khmer cuisine in the town that serves as the gateway to Angkor Wat.

Cambodian dissident weighs next fight against strongman Hun Sen after starting new life in...

Despite enduring brutal conditions in a Cambodian jail, activist Meach Sovannara has not ruled out returning to his homeland to continue speaking out against the government.

12 of the best hotels to enjoy in Cambodia’s Siem Reap

Did you know that this tourist magnet is home to some of the swankiest, most luxurious hotels on the face of the planet?

Why a dog meat seller switched to serving vegan menu, and Cambodia’s fight to...

Eating dog meat is popular in Buddhist Cambodia, but animal rights activists are trying to change this. One couple was persuaded to drastically change their business.

Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s eldest son promoted to commander of armed forces

Lieutenant General Hun Manet becomes second most powerful position in the country’s military.

Cambodian designers turning trash and recyclables into high fashion want to make people rethink...

Members of the recycling collective La Chhouk started with a dress made from brown rice sacks decorated with beer bottle tops and broken CDs which was later worn by a Miss Cambodia runner-up at an international beauty pageant.

Strangers in their homeland: the Khmerican Cambodians Trump deported

For many deportees, the United States had been home for decades. Now, they struggle to adjust to life in the country of their birth.

Cambodia’s first rum distillery

Most of the world’s rum is produced in the Caribbean and Latin America but there’s a new player in the market with the Samai Distillery in Phnom Penh becoming Cambodia’s first premium rum distillery.

Top 5 heritage boutique hotels in Laos and Cambodia you should check in to

The two countries boast some of Indochina’s most enchantingly spectacular lodges, the backdrop to much of the region’s rich history.

The son rises in Cambodia after Hun Sen’s rigged election

The ‘death of democracy’ cements the military’s power in politics – and paves the way for the prime minister’s succession plan.