Labor activist under fire for role in sex-trafficking documentary

“My Mother Sold Me”, a 27-minute documentary on sex trafficking in Cambodian, has garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube in the seven weeks since its release.

Khmer Times Flogs Huawei for Cambodia Telecoms

The pro-government Khmer Times ran a December 7 story about Chinese telecom giant Huawei with a KT byline that, while not marked as advertising, was transparently a Huawei press release being passed off as journalism.

PM: Electricity rates to drop ‘in 14 days’

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday pledged that electricity rates will drop across the Kingdom next year, saying his “sharing policy”, promised before the July 29 national elections, “will come true in the next 14 days”.

Does Nuon Chea Still Have No Regrets?

In 1992, the Khmer Rouge leader insisted he had no regrets about the past.

Dueling Decisions at the Khmer Rouge Trials Could Mean a Suspect Avoids Justice

Hot-on-the-heels of a landmark trial judgment in Case 2/2, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) (also known as the Khmer Rouge Trials) in recent days issued a significant decision in another case, Case 3.

Fashion workers urge H&M to deliver a living wage

While the Swedish retailer pays better than other factories its employees in Cambodia say salaries are barely enough to live on.

Sam Rainsy Pledges to Return to Cambodia in 2019 Amid Disagreements in Opposition Party...

Cambodian opposition politician Sam Rainsy, living in self-imposed exile since 2016, has vowed to return to Cambodia in 2019 to fight for democracy, amid stark divisions among the government’s political opponents.

Cambodia Sanctions Bill ‘to Die in Senate’

The Cambodia Democracy Act 2018 has stalled at the Senate’s foreign relations committee since July. Staff at the committee said there are no plans to review the bill, without providing an explanation.

Cambodia-CPP-Annual Congress

Members of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) attend the CPP's congress in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Dec. 18, 2018.

Fashion workers urge H&M to deliver a living wage

While the Swedish retailer pays better than other factories its employees in Cambodia say salaries are barely enough to live on.

Cambodian economy to remain robust in medium term

Cambodia's economy is predicted to stay robust in the short and medium terms despite the uncertainty of preferential tariff system granted to the country by several trading partners, according to Cambodian Minister for Economy and Finance Aun Pornmoniroth.

Top corporate leaders share their views with The Post about Cambodia’s financial sector

Excerpts from interviews with various sector leaders.

Best photojournalism arrives in Siem Reap

More than 100 striking images celebrating this year’s best in photojournalism opened in Siem Reap this week as part of a travelling exhibition showcasing images from around the world.

Fashion goodness from Cambodia to Canterbury

Traditional Cambodian village houses are set high on stilts - for defence against floods but also for storage of equipment and livestock, and as a place to provide shade in the heat.

Finding Grandma In Cambodia, And Finding Home

To know your past is to know who you are now and the person you want to become tomorrow.

Cambodia hails opening of country’s largest dam despite opposition

Cambodian premier Hun Sen on Monday opened the country's largest hydropower scheme, swatting aside dire warnings about the environmental impact of the US$780 million project and its effect on local communities.

Cambodia quickly losing its beautiful beaches

It was once a paradise for backpackers and locals, but now Cambodia’s Ochheuteal Beach suffers from rapid development and poor planning.

The last 92 Irrawaddy dolphins in Mekong River may not survive

Experts are concerned that the Mekong dolphin is unlikely to survive Cambodia's modernisation as a new dam is planned.

One of the A-League’s marquee signings has copped criticism for managing Cambodia’s national football...

Human Rights Watch has urged Japanese A-League star Keisuke Honda to reconsider his recent decision to coach Cambodia's national football team, as he is working with a figure they allege is linked to human rights concerns.

Football tourney marks Cambodia’s victory over genocidal regime

A friendship football open tournament began on December 15 by the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia to mark the 40th anniversary of the fall of the genocidal regime in the host country.

3 star-making performances at ONE Championship: Destiny of Champions

Three star-making performances at ONE Championship: Destiny of Champions.

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