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UN Rights Envoy to Make First Official Visit

More than five months after being appointed as the U.N.’s new special rapporteur on human rights in Cambodia, Rhona Smith will make her first official visit to the country later this month, according to the government’s Human Rights Committee.

'After Dinner' (Philong Sovan)
'After Dinner' (Philong Sovan)

With a Camera and Headlight, Capturing People of the Night

Every image in Philong So­van’s series “In the City by Night” makes you want to find out more about the people in the photographs. Ordinary folks, maybe, but with fascinating tales to tell. Finding and photographing them was a five-year project for Mr. Sovan.

Police Promise More Arrests if Koh Kong Protests Persist

A deputy police chief of Koh Kong province on Thursday defended the decision by authorities to arrest four human rights workers and 13 other people during a peaceful protest on Wednesday and said they were prepared to do so again—and next time would not let them go.

Sophea 1

Sophea: A Short Story

Old Hok died in his little room next to the pagoda. The day after the cremation, at dawn, Kamal was sent to gather up the monk’s few things. In the early morning, the village was quiet, except at the hour when the monks walked in procession to the river to bathe. An oxcart stood near the pagoda, shadowy in the dim light, and on both sides of the dirt road the houses perched on their stilts like fat birds on long skinny legs. In the rainy season, the road filled with puddles and mud. In the dry season, it exhaled great clouds of red dust.

Nita: A Short Story


It was just before planting season when father decided I should drop out of school. We’d finished dinner, and mother was putting away the uneaten rice for breakfast. I was looking out the window; somebody’s cow had gotten loose and was wandering between the houses, and the fields beyond the village were turning purple in the dusk. Suddenly, father stood up from where he’d been sitting on the floor, with no shirt on, and said, “Daughter, I want you in the fields with me tomorrow.”


Bangkok Bombing Suspect Arrested Near Poipet

The chief suspect in the deadly August 17 bombing of Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine was arrested about 500 meters from the Poipet International Checkpoint Tuesday afternoon, according to officials, just hours after Thai media reported that he and another suspect had fled to Cambodia.

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