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Sok Touch speaks at the CNRP’s headquarters in Phnom Penh on August 10, during a ceremony in which the opposition party handed over its border maps. (Siv Channa/ The Cambodia Daily)
Sok Touch speaks at the CNRP’s headquarters in Phnom Penh on August 10, during a ceremony in which the opposition party handed over its border maps. (Siv Channa/ The Cambodia Daily)

Police Investigate Death Threat Against Border Researcher

Police are investigating a death threat made via Facebook over the weekend to “shoot the head of Sok Touch,” a high-profile academic conducting research into the government’s politically fraught work demarcating Cambodia’s border with Vietnam.

Families Cry Foul Over CNRP TV

Thirty-five families from Kandal province have written to the opposition CNRP requesting the return of more than $1,300 they say they donated to the party to support the establishment of its television station, citing concerns about embezzlement.


Nita: A Short Story

It was just before planting season when father decided I should drop out of school. We’d finished dinner, and mother was putting away the uneaten rice for breakfast. I was looking out the window; somebody’s cow had gotten loose and was wandering between the houses, and the fields beyond the village were turning purple in the dusk. Suddenly, father stood up from where he’d been sitting on the floor, with no shirt on, and said, “Daughter, I want you in the fields with me tomorrow.”

The Cycle of Rice: Transplanting


In Kep province, farmers have spent the past several weeks transplanting rice seedlings that will be harvested in about four months. Thus begins the first of a 12-part series on Cambodia’s annual rice cycle, to be published monthly.

Bittersweet Scars

A painting by Chath Piersath (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)

The trees bursting with red flowers lining Phnom Penh’s Sihanouk Boulevard—giving a vibrant hue to the view from Java Cafe’s balcony—are reflected in “The Flame Tree of Knowledge,” Chath Piersath’s favorite painting in his current exhibit, “Scar,” showing at Java.

A Rohingya man covers his face as he leaves Phnom Penh International Airport on Thursday after arriving with three fellow refugees who agreed to settle in Cambodia as part of a controversial deal the government struck with Australia in September. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)

No Plans for More Refugees From Nauru

Almost three months after four refugees arrived in Cambodia from Nauru as part of a controversial resettlement deal with Australia, the Interior Ministry said on Friday that it had no plans to receive more refugees being held in the South Pacific island nation.

Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks at his 'Peace Palace' on Wednesday during the launch of the Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025. (Khem Sovannara)

PM Launches Grand Plans to Transform Industry

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday launched an ambitious 10-year development plan that the government hopes will transform Cambodia’s “weak” and labor-intensive industrial sector into one comprised of diversified businesses with a highly skilled workforce.

Prison guards escort Sieng Sarin, left, and Ka Sak from the Kandal Provincial Court on Thursday after they were handed seven-year sentences for their role in stealing relics of the Buddha from a pagoda in 2013. (Jens Welding Ollgaard/The Cambodia Daily)

Five Men Get 7 Years for Theft of Buddha Relics

The Kandal Provincial Court on Thursday sentenced four security guards and a farmer to seven years in prison each for stealing relics of the Buddha from a stupa atop Oudong Mountain in 2013—despite the farmer’s insistence that he carried out the robbery alone.

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