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Mark Field visits Cambodia for government and civil society talks

The Minister of State for Asia & the Pacific is in Cambodia for meetings with the government and members of the private sector and civil society.

Q&A: Cambodian-Canadian Professor Says Lack of Trust is Cambodia’s Kryptonite

Sorpong Peou recently talked to VOA Khmer about political trust, how power is accumulated, and his new article “Cambodia’s Hegemonic-Party System.”

‘There’s been no evidence presented against me’: The emotional plea made by an Australian...

An Australian filmmaker in Cambodia facing five to ten years in prison on a charge of endangering national security testified on Monday that he wants to buy land to resettle poor local families.

Chief of Hun Sen’s Bodyguard Unit Denies He Threatened War Against America

General Hing Bun Heang told VOA Khmer on Monday that his meaning had been misunderstood.

Australian director James Ricketson a good man, Cambodian court told

The Australian film-maker and alleged spy James Ricketson is a good man who helps the poor and is not involved in politics, a Phnom Penh court has been told.

Cambodian king pardons 4 imprisoned land rights activists

A prominent leader of Cambodia’s land rights movement and three female activists imprisoned with her were freed Monday under a royal pardon.

Murderer-turned-pastor pardoned by Jerry Brown to avoid deportation

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday pardoned three Cambodian refugees facing deportation by federal immigration authorities, including one who murdered a fellow gang member and later became a local pastor.

Cambodian Political Commentator Kim Sok Released After Serving 18-Month Prison Term

Cambodian political commentator Kim Sok was released from prison on Friday morning after serving an 18-month jail term for “defamation” and “incitement to cause social disorder,” and was quick to slam the country’s ruling party for using “tricks” to obtain a victory in last month’s general election.

James Rickeston: Cambodia trial of Australian director begins – video

The trial of Australian filmmaker James Ricketson has begun in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh.

Shielded by China, CPP Confronts Western Pressure Over One-Party Rule

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, met his Cambodian counterpart Prak Sokhonn during the Asean Regional Forum earlier this month, to send a clear message: Cambodia is under China’s protection.

A New Era for Hun Sen’s Cambodia?

The election outcome all but completes the country’s transition to a one-party state.

Cambodia’s Troubling Tilt Toward China

And What It Means for Washington's Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Cambodian Ruling Party Posts Complete Electoral Sweep

The ruling party of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has won all 125 parliamentary seats in last month's election, which has been denounced by outlawed opposition forces as illegitimate.

Director Peter Weir flies to the defence of accused spy and filmmaker James Ricketson...

The trial of Australian filmmaker James Ricketson began in Cambodia on Thursday, with a panel of judges grilling a character witness over the accused spy's finances and links to the Australian Government.

‘All Options Are Under Review’ by Australia Amid ‘Serious Concerns’ Over Cambodia’s Elections

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Thursday that “all options are under review” with regard to sanctions against Cambodia if Prime Minister Hun Sen does not end a crackdown on his country’s political opposition, NGOs and the independent media.

Hun Sen’s power grab guided by Cambodian history

Leader's lurch to one-party rule may take some inspiration from China's example, but the more apt comparison is to ex-King Norodom Sihanouk's 'golden age' strongman era.