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Remembering Cambodia’s brutal Brother No 2

Nuon Chea, recently deceased chief organizer and ideologue of the murderous Khmer Rouge, epitomized the ‘banality of evil’.

Cambodia: Don’t cry for me

With the disappearance of Cambodia’s sovereignty over its prime seaside as reflected in Australia’s incessant media coverage highlighting Canberra’s concerns that China is “taking over” Sihanoukville for a military base, now is the right time to remind Australia and the international community: We told you so!

Nuon Chea’s death highlights importance of Khmer Rouge Tribunal

There can be no perfect justice for Cambodian genocide, but law helps healing.

What Does Cambodia’s New Census Reveal?

The rhetoric and reality behind this much-anticipated step have raised concerns about its results and significance.

Cambodia and Other Southeast Asian Nations Shouldn’t Be Stuck with Western Trash

Heaps of discarded plastic and other types of solid waste littered the landscape, underlining the undeniable fact that many cities in Cambodia were, and still are, struggling with a massive waste management problem.

Khmer Rouge genocide: Nuon Chea’s death has major implications for justice in Cambodia

Nuon Chea, Pol Pot’s second-in-command in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, died on August 4 aged 93. Following Pol Pot’s death in 1998, he was the most senior surviving member of the genocidal regime that ruled over what was then known as Democratic Kampuchea.

Cambodia reduces number of public holidays to attract jobs but activists express concern it...

Responding to the clamor of the business sector, the Cambodian government issued a decree reducing the country’s public holidays from 28 to 22.

Sihanoukville, a pothole in the Banana Pancake trail

It's Friday morning in Sihanoukville, one of Cambodia's largest cities, and the rain is bucketing down.

Cambodia-Sri Lanka ties strengthened

The friendly ties between Sri Lanka and Cambodia go back many centuries, with the earliest traces of religious relations going back to the beginning of the 6th century.

Another wild week in US-Cambodian relations

The soap opera that is contemporary US-Cambodian relations continues to deliver surprising plot twists.

Damming the Mekong to environmental hell

Major dam construction projects have become a favourite pastime of some autocratic governments, with China leading the way.

Construction in Cambodia lacks safety

The construction industry in Cambodia is booming due to rising foreign investments.

The key to integrating Cambodia into global value chains

Since its return to a market-oriented economy in 1989, Cambodia has pursued policies and reforms to integrate itself into regional and global value chains by modernising its industrial structure.

Cambodia needs a smart plan

While Cambodia might be pulling out all the stops to develop its smart cities, the lack of an integrated master plan is hampering these efforts.

China’s Cambodian Invasion – By Sam Rainsy

China’s dangerous military expansionism depends on compliant local regimes and inaction on the part of the international community. In the case of Cambodia, which has reportedly given China rights to a naval base, the international community should demand a new general election that does not exclude real challengers.

After Cambodia Digs Out Survivors, Eyes Cast Toward China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt Road Initiative has brought lucrative Chinese investment into Cambodia, but at what cost for locals?

A bad day all around for Cambodian media

If the relationship of a journalist to politicians is supposed to be that of a dog to lampposts, as one saying goes, or either at their throat or at their feet, according to another, then Cambodia’s media today are retentive and supine.

Cambodia Democracy Act Undermines America’s Strategic Interests

Having represented the interests of Cambodia in human rights litigation brought by Cambodia’s political opponents in federal courts, I want to offer some insight into the U.S. – Cambodia relationship in light of current events to help strengthen this relationship.

Cambodia’s alleged China military deal risks destabilizing regional order

Southeast Asia and beyond should voice concerns about Beijing's use of naval base.

Cambodia-Brunei Military Ties in the Headlines with Hun Manet Introductory Visit

The interaction spotlighted the ongoing activity in the defense relationship between the two countries.


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Remembering Cambodia’s brutal Brother No 2

Nuon Chea, recently deceased chief organizer and ideologue of the murderous Khmer Rouge, epitomized the ‘banality of evil’.