If a Republican Can Be a Samdech, Why Not CPP Leaders?

On granting the title of “Samdech” to His Excellency Sar Kheng and His Excellency Say Chhum, Son Soubert, the son of Samdech Bovor Setha Son Sann, said that he believed the granting of the title was a reflection of the internal politics of the CPP rather than service to the nation (“Sar Kheng, Say Chhum Given ‘Samdech’ Titles,” June 15).

June 22, 2015

Accountable, Transparent NGOs Will Only Gain From New Law

After the signing of the Paris Peace Accords on 23 October 1991, Cambodia adopted multi-party elections as a means for political parties to compete for government positions. Democratic values and principles have also gradually taken root in society. As a result, civil society organizations have sprung up like mushrooms, working on a wide range of political, social, economic and cultural issues.

June 19, 2015

Millions in Asia’s Child Labor Force Denied Basic Rights

Across Cambodia, more than 660,000 children aged 5 to 17 are engaged in child labor, many of whom were trafficked. Their right to safety and protection has been severely compromised. They work for low or no wages. Some work under the threat of violence. They are forgoing their education and their childhood.

June 12, 2015

Comments on Vietnam Wrongly Attributed, But the History Is Clear

I wish to inform you that I was very surprised to read in your esteemed newspaper the article in the June 5 issue quoting some remarks supposedly made by me as president of the Human Rights Party concerning the celebration of the 66th anniversary of the loss of Cochinchine that the Khmer call Kampuchea Krom, unilaterally handed over to Vietnamese Emperor Bao Dai in 1949 by French Colonial authorities.

June 11, 2015

­­There Is No Place for ‘Chbab Srey’ in Cambodian Schools

In 2007, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs requested that the government pull the “Chbab Srey”, or “Rules for Girls,” from the school curriculum. The request resulted in the elimination of some of the rules, but a shorter version of them is still being taught to Khmer literature students in grades 7 to 9. These include rules such as “Happiness in the family comes from a woman,” “A woman’s poor character results in others looking down upon her husband,” and “Don’t go for a walk to somebody’s house.” With the difficulties that girls already face in obtaining an education, rules that dictate a demure and subordinate place for girls can add an extra layer of complexity to harnessing the power of education.

June 9, 2015

Addressing the International Community’s Aid Addiction

Last week, hundreds of villagers converged on Siem Reap provincial hall to make their case on land rights. After hours in the hot sun, 17 representatives were invited to meet with local officials and the provincial governor agreed to review their petition.

June 3, 2015

Three Years On, Still No Justice for Girl Shot Dead by Soldier

Heng Chantha was 13 when she was shot and killed by a Cambodian soldier in Kratie province’s Broma village about three years ago. Armed with AK-47s, security forces cleared her village on May 16, 2012, to make way for a rubber concession linked to the Russian-owned Casotim company, leaving Heng Chantha dead in their wake.

May 25, 2015
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