Friday, February 22, 2019
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Cambodian indigenous group files lawsuit against French company over seized land

Over 800 families suffered damages by a Socfin-KCD plantation, which is funded by Bolloré. The plaintiffs lost hope of obtaining justice in Cambodia and so took their case to France.

Casino boom in Cambodia: + 53 per cent in 2018 only

About 150 casinos are now in operation, up from 98 in 2017. In the coastal province of Sihanoukville alone there are 88. The law bans Cambodians from entering casinos. For PIME missionary, “it is difficult to assess the consequences of the trend because all this has happened so fast”.

Wave from Laos dam collapse hits Cambodia

Evacuations underway in the northeastern province of Stung Treng, on the border with Laos. Rescuers' efforts continue. 27 dead are ascertained; 131 missing. Message of condolences from the Archbishop of Seoul and a contribution of 43 thousand euros for aid.

Witch hunt in Kampot: Three women prove their innocence in pagoda

A woman and her two daughters were accused of causing death and disease in the village of Kandal Tuol.